December 24, 2009

:: I just wanna wish...::


this is the celebration that i anticipate of the year~
the warm and cozy feeling during this time of the year brings so much joy and laughter and reminiscing of the past..

To all of you who is celebrating this festive season,


thank you LORD for another wonderful year that you brought and may this Christmas unite us all nor far or near and share this bundle of joy and celebration with a warm thought of you Lord;)

* all the pictures posted here are courtesy from Google images

'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas~'

till then,

:: MAC for Christmas!! ::

i just couldn't express how much i just love December~ and just 2 days before xmas i received my MAC gifts from my boyfriend and i managed to get myself some of MAC's as well. So, basically im getting myself MAC as a gift for myself;)

Things that i get for myself:
MAC 187 Brush
MAC MSFN in Medium
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme D'nude

My boyfriend gifts:
MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief Kit Collection - Hocus Pocus Colorful Face Kits
MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel

owh dear~ i just thrilled!! i can't wait to do fotd with all of these;)

December 23, 2009

:: ELFs + Drugstore + NARS Haul!!::

 sorry for the collage's just a teaser~;p
but can u guess those items there?? teehee;p

here's the actual pic..

these are my order from ELF, Drugstore and Sephora through spree.

December 12, 2009


I would like to introduce my latest skincare regime and close to my holy grail products..


i got two merlot moiturizers which are day cream with spf and night cream. I’ve got these last two months ago (end of october) and i must say...these are amazingly great products especially the night cream. It 'WOW' on the first tries (emmm, that would be a lil of exaggeration there)

December 9, 2009

:: NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow and For Your Eyes Palettes swatches and reviews::

I received this palette end of October but i only can blog about it now since i managed to take pictures and do swatches last night. Ya, i know..i've been missing the whole November due to my job and my camera brokedown. like i said, i try my best to blog about my long overdue haul..

I bought three NYX eyeshadow palette which are:
  • NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette  -  ROMANCE and JAZZ NIGHT
  • NYX For Your Eyes Only - SMOKEY EYE


December 7, 2009

:: missing??::

Yaaaa~~I've been missing for the past few months..

well, there's a new turn leaf in my life since i already started working and my work seems take most of my time and i couldn't find ample time to blog. but now, it's holiday season and i'm not working, i think it's about time for me to update my blog.

and guess what.., my camera broke down last month..thus explain i couldn't take picture of my haul, products reviews and swatches and i just don't have that feeling to blog;/

*i just don't really like it when my blog don't have any pictures..its feel like it's naked! 
i try to make it up later since i have a LOT of make ups in my stash that dying to be shown to the world! eheheh just kiddding~!!

Plus, it's DECEMBER already!! and i just love December~
it's holiday, its my birthday month, it's my father's birthday month as well, it's my anniversary with my love, it's xmas (i LOVE xmas time - caroling, thanksgiving, decorating xmas tre, celebrating xmas, good food;p, etc) and most of all, it's end of the year~~ i just love DECEMBER~~ 

till then,

October 22, 2009

:: Apology::

Sorry for a such long hiatus~ blame it on the facebook and my e-shop addiction;/

and btw, im so behind the wagon, i think i want to get those pretty Nars blushes..owh dear, im such a sucker when it comes to blushes! i know it's kinda pretty expensive (when those dollar sign converted to RM currency;( ) but those babies are calling out my name especially Orgasm, Deep Throat and Amour..i know, i will have u in my hand one day~ just wait my dear!! ahahaa;p

owh goodbye MAC blush, im so over u~~ haha just kidding!! i still can't get enough of those as well..darn it, why do we have only a pair of cheecks??!

p/s:: i try my best to keep my blog, im not that active beauty blogger anyhow..hehe

till then,

September 14, 2009

:: Rant!! ::

I hate to blog when internet is so effing slow~~!!

my internet connection really really sux big time!! n i hate it!!

i don't really like a post without feels so empty..n loading time take a half of my lifetime to upload!

GOSH!! i really need to upgrade my internet server..this is so embarassing!!

September 12, 2009

:: MAC Fix+ ::

i'm getting this last month because i need something to hold my makeup for long hours. My face is oily, thus it's prone to shiny T-Zone and make my face go cakey powder and foundation after few hours of make up. this make up fix is raved by beautyholics to hold their makeup, keep face moisture and quick face refresherner. and now, It's an essential part of my make up routine.

and i must say, it's quite okay tho~ not much difference but it did serve what it claimed to be. It do refreshen and moisture my face, partially prep my face prior to make up and keep make up stay for long hours (especially if it sprayed on face after make up is done). but my face tend to get oily then, perhaps it's due to my skin condition anyway *sigh*

However, make sure do not spray it too near to face or else u will get cakey spot of foundie or powder and ensure that it is absorped properly into the skin before applying make up on. not only that, im using it for foiling techniques as well rather than using water as it make the colours/pigments more vibrant,vivid and long lasting.

how i use mine:: normally, i use it after i've done with foundie and concealer, using wedges sponge, spray on the sponges until it is damp and soak with the liquid. then swipe it all over face, just enough for a sheen of moisture but not too much or else it will melt the foundie and concealer. sufficient enough just to seal those foundie and u will see excess foundie on the sponge (so that, u will not get too much foundie on face:))

despite MAC Fix is one of the hit list by makeupholics, there's another highly rave product which is *drumroll* -MODEL IN A BOTTLE, which is a beauty product that used by celebrities and make up artist.. not only that, some reviews said it's better than MAC Fix+. I would love to try this~

till then,

September 7, 2009

:: hiatus ::

im quite busy lately and i miss blogging. im trying to find the right time to blog as they are many things that i want to share and blog about.

August 30, 2009

:: Happy 52th National Day Malaysia ::

To Malaysia (n Malaysian - all multi-races here in Malaysia);

'Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka'
3 words to declare and claim our independence still remain solid in our thought.
n not forgotting this coming 16th September, Borneo Independence Day (referring to Sabah and Sarawak) as well..
till then, enjoy your merrily celebration Malaysian
from me;D

August 28, 2009

:: Silly Boy~::

Now, this post got nothing to do with make up and such..just some latest songs that i've heard lately.

am so in love with this song 'Silly Boy' by Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga, i wish this song was played when i had a tremendous breakdown a long time ago..ahahaha good song to slam your ex!! (am not implying anything ya~;D)

heard this song while having a dinner with bf at Siammese Secret before but never even bother until bf downloaded the song and frequently played it. For me, the upbeat and the energy of the song attracted me before i can the understand the lyric and get it right. Until i google-ing the lyrics, then i knew what this song meant for and i'm totally IN!!;D

i bet this song is meant for Chris Brown (or my ex-es???)..ahahah well,it just a song,meh??unfortunately, i couldn't find the official videoclip for this track at youtube or anywhere else. anyway, here it is and enjoy it just like i'm enjoying it right now but with your own style..;PP

:: Silly Boy - Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga ::

You`re callin' me more than ever now that we`re done
Two keys back to my place, we were having no fun
But you`re not ok, tellin' me you miss my face
I remember when you would say you hate my ways

I said I`m not coming back, is it
You fooled me once but you can`t have that ego turning
Just too bad for you, that when you had me
Didn't know what to do, Game over. You lose

Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl
That’s a keeper, k-k-k-k-keeper
You had a good girl, good girl
but Didn't know how to treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her (treat her)
So silly boy get out my face (my face)
Why do you like the way regrets taste?
So silly boy get out my hair my hair(get outta here)
No, I don’t want you no more (get outta here)

Silly boy (silly boy)
Why you acting silly boy?
Silly boy boy (boy boy)
Acting acting silly boy?

You comin with those corny lines
Can’t live without me
I’ll get some flowers for the day that you are buried
No, people make mistakes
But I just think your ass is fake
Only thing I want from you, is for you to (stay away)

I said i`m not coming back, is it
You fooled me once but you can't have that ego turning
Just too bad for you, that when you had me
Didn’t know what to do,game over. You lose.

Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl
Thats a keeper, k-k-k-k-keeper
You had a good girl, good girl
but Didn’t know how to treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her (treat her)
So silly boy get out my face (my face)
Why do you like the way regrets taste?
So silly boy get out my hair my hair (Get outta here)
No I don’t want you no more (get outta here)

No more, no more, no more (nooo ooohhh) (oooh)

Silly boy (silly boy)
Why you acting silly boy?
Silly boy boy (boyboy)
Acting acting silly boy?

Silly boy (silly boy)
Why you acting silly boy?
Silly boy boy (boy boy)
Acting acting silly boy? (yeahhh)

So silly boy get out my face (my face)
Why do you like the way regrets taste?
So silly boy get out my hair my hair(Get outta here)
No I don’t want you no more (get outta here)

Silly boy (silly boy)
Why you acting silly boy?
Silly boy boy (boy boy)
Acting acting silly boy?
-lyrics courtesy of metrolyrics -

* trying to upload the vid for 2 hours but still no avail..darn it!!..*

Click on the link below to listen to the song;)
(just some random videoclip of it at u-tube)

till then,

August 26, 2009

:: Garnier Aqua Defense Moisture Essence reviews ::

As i promised, i will do a review on this product which i purchased not long ago but gave me ample time to do review about it.
Today, it's already been 10 days i'm using this product. Beforehand, well-informed to you that i have a combination skin which is oily in T-Zone and quite dry on lower cheeks, chin and jaw line. My skin is also prone to acne, zits and blemishes. Not only that, i tend to have freckles under directs sunlight and pro-longed stay under the sun (thus, i use sunscreen, sunblock or SPF defense cream at day).

i got this moisturizer as i was ran out of moisturizer and really need a moisturizer that is cheap but offer great quality. My skin was kinda dry and flacky especially at my lower cheek and obviously oily at T-Zone.

*this front pic is courtesy of Google image (2009)*

:: the ads displayed on the box ::

:: the gel texture ::

*somehow i've lost the front pic of the product when i was editing..&^&%^%*&*

so far, i must say that this product just do right for me and i like how it feels on my skin after applied. it also leaves a dewy look. However, my T-Zone is oily after 6 hours but not so oily as before. i think this work wonderfully for those who have normal and dry skin due to the moisturizing effects and the dewy finish. For the price of RM19.90, you can give this a try. But a bit of reminder, i'm not persuading anyone to buy and try this and the product might react differently on your skin. So try it at your own risk.;D

*i've read a lot of good review about this so far~*wink~*

till then,


August 18, 2009

::My Haul! (Note: Heavy Pics!)::

My spree has arrived while i was in Kuching and i immediately get my haul from my friend once arrived home yesterday, my long awaited make-ups!!


yup, i know~ it's a lot! but not lot enough..haha;p

i'm spreeing on NYX, ELF and La Femme blushes.i'm adding another collection of NYX Round l/s and l/g. this is also the first attempt to try on ELF brand and i must say, i'm quite impressed of the quality especially ELF Studio line (despite the fact it is manufactured at China). Plus, i get La Femme blushes which profoundly have great reviews on the quality and its pigment.

here's the swatches and my personal reviews:

:: NYX Round Lipstick ::

NYX Round L/s : (in no particular order) Herades, Mars, Indian Pink, Jupiter, Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, B52and Tea Rose

:: Swatches ::

This time, i bought 8 colours of NYX Round lippies...i'm such a sucker for NYX lippies now.hahaha;D

My favourite from this haul are *Pumpkin Pie (mispelled in the pic), Orange Soda and Tea Rose. i like the rest as well and for such a cheap price, this l/s is great for its quality and collection to be used for different type of occasions and mood. My new lippies ranged from nude tone, pink tone, red-brownish tone and when i thought i already had enough, actually i don't..hahaha i'm opting for red and purple-ish pink on my next spree.
My advice, if u r a lippy addict (like moi~), getting a lot of lipstick at once and unsure when to use what - always use brush when applying the l/s if u want it to have a long life and for hygenic reason. if u apply the l/s directly on your lip or do swatches, always wipe the top with tissue when u're done. this is to prevent bacteria or whatever microorganism hibernating or 'make a home' at your lippies;)

:: NYX Round Lipgloss and Lip Slim Pencil ::

:: Swatches::

Not only that, i like NYX Round l/g as well, thus, i bought it again during the spree.
The l/g goes smooth on lip and making it looks full, creamy and watery, which i like which gives my lip sorta plump and healthy look. Besides, its rather cheap as well. i'm loving all the colours!!it looks great to be used on its own or on top of my lipstick , i'm liking it!!

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - i'm getting pink and coral tone where most of my lippies are from this tone. It goes smooth on the lip and doesn't appear strong/vivid on the lip once the lipstick is fading off. i'm saying yes to this product!;D

:: La Femme Rouge On Blush ::

i got two of these - Peach Sparkle and Coral Spice. La Femme blushes are highly rave and receive good reviews from many beauty addicts. The texture is super fine and the colour is very pigmented which i LIKE! especially Peach Sparkle. Just a swipe of a brush will gives ample colour and healthy blush on the cheeks and the colour is also buildable depending on your tone preferences. However, not too much tho if u don't want to end up like a clown or boiling-hot-tempered face;p

For me, it's worth to buy and delivers a very good quality~ thumbs up!!

:: Swatches ::

:: ELF ::

:: Swatches ::

ELF Hypershine l/g is also one of the lippes i'm getting from the spree. For me, it delivers a great finish on the lip and the colour appears great on the lip. Very glassy finish on the lip, a bit sticky and have a vanilla-caramel-almond taste which taste like an ice cream for me. Despite the great finish, it doesn't last long on the lip but yet, i still like it for casual outing.;D

I like how Fairy appears and turns out on the lip, although the colour on the website it looks like a clear gloss but once i received and swatch it on the lip, it looks shimmery pink-ish and pretty...i like it!!

and yes, i intends to get more colours from this set!;D

I love all of iiiiiiitttttt!! Especially how the colours turn out on my skin. ELF Studion Golden Bronzer is the bomb!! Just a perfect bronzed for my fair complexion -just a swipe will give a perfect bronze and me like it~!!!However, it is a bit powdery which i have to give a blow/tap on the brush before applying it on my face. Definitely will get this again once i'm done with this one;DD recommended for fair skin!

ELF Healty Glow Bronzing powder - this one is also great for that healthy glow which i'm using for highlighting (not for bronzing as the colour is bright and a bit shimmery). Again, it is a bit powdery as well. all i can say, i'm liking this one as well..great highlighter with a fine quality for a cheap price;D will getting this one again in the future as well;D

ELF Natural Radiance Blush - i like how the colours turn out on my skin. Suitable for everyday looks and the colour is buildable as well. However, it's not long-lasting and not that very pigmented but like i say, the colour is buildable. For me, it just too powdery and suitable for make up beginners and blushes to play with.

ELF Shimmering facial whip - initially i want to get this one to mix with my foundation for the healthy glow, eyeshadow base and shimmer on face. i haven't tried it yet but i will do a review on this later.

::ELF & Coastal Scents Brushes::

Above: ELF Studio; Powder Brush, Complexion brush, Angled Foundation brush

Below: ELF Blushing, Bronzing and Blending brush, ELF Lip Defining brush, & CS Angle Brow Define Brush

I lurveee ELF Studio brushes especially the Powder brush! It is soooooo soft~ i just love how it feels when it touches my skin, doesn't have that poking-feels on my face. Complexion brush is great for bronzing, but not for blush as it it rather big and kinda flat. Angled foundation brush, well this one is okay for applying foundation but it tends to leave a brush-streak marks on the face. this can be solve by blending where i'm using Powder brush to blend and it leaves a great coverage and almost silky finish. Remember, to achieve a smooth finish..always blend your make up especially for face. Just so you know, i already placed an order for Powder brush (again) and othe ElF Studion line brushes;p

ElF Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush - this one is not good as the bristle is quite hard (feels like broom bristle) and feels like poking my face whenever i use it on my face, thus, i barely use it unless i have to. It's similar to cheap brush out there and for me, it is worth to get ELF Studio line brush if u opt for cheaper brush but great quality. this brush might be suitable for make up beginner before investing on quality brushes.( i might pass this brush to my sister anyway~)
ELF Lip Defining Brush - so far, it works just fine for me..for now. Not much i can say, it does its job - smoothen the lipstick colour on lips and blends quite well.
CS Angle Brow Define Brush - the bristle is so smooth and it is tiny~ it is suitable for eyebrow and eyeliner as well. I like it~ multipurpose..hehehe

::See how soft and shiny Elf Studio bristles are compare to ordinary ElF brush::

:: Swatches ::

My attempts to find an eyeliner that serves a great 'black' colour and easy to use tip.

NYX Felt Tip Liner 'Extreme Black' - the tip is kinda firm brush and easy to draw line depending on the preference thickness. its say it helpful for those who is beginning to liquid eyeliner as the pencil casing shape works for handling. for me, i don't rili like it. maybe because it is my hand (hahaha~). i can't really draw a bold and straight line which sumtimes frustrate me. not only that. the colour is not that really 'black' compare to ELF Liquid eyeliner. i like Elf liquid eyeliner better because of the colour (first) and the tip brush is soft-yet-firm, easy to use and sorta waterproof (no smudges or fading for long-hours)

Last but not least,

:: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm ; Almond Fudge ::

I like this lip balm for its natural ingredients, great taste and how soft it makes my lip looks. i apply it when my lip feels dry and its hydrate and moist my lips instantly and it lasts quite long as well. i use before i go to bed and the next morning, i can see that my lip looks smooth and great for lipstick application at the next day. me like it~ will definitely get this one again!!

So babes, hopefully my reviews and swatches does help if u intends to purchase the product(s) in the future.

Note: This blog post is taking four days to be written. Thus, this gives me ample time to review and response to the products' quality. I give my best efforts and time to take pictures, give clear swatches, editing, raving my own personal reviews and time to blog for this haul. Thus, i will be very pleased if u oblige to my all rights reserved;D

till then,


August 17, 2009

:: Graduation!!::


after 4 long years of studying, all the efforts, pains, bankruptcy (;P), late nite sleeps and sacrifices really paid off!

i'm going to miss UNIMAS, TAZ college,campus life, lectures and lecturers, assignments, group tasks, field tasks, walk here and there at Unimas, kayaking, outing, everise (haha;p) etc

once again, i feel blessed and contented. with the supports from family and friends, and finally i did it!

never thought i'm going to miss Unimas n my friends...already;(

till then,

August 15, 2009

:: wait for me ::

here i am, blogging at my hotel room and so super excited as there's a free wi-fi, so i won't be bother about internet lagg or server down..ahaha so fast one Ooooo~~
counting hours before my graduation (oopss..spoiler there;pp), nvm..won't brag about that, i'm kinda take a nick of time to post a short note of what i'm doing so far..(like i'm away for way to long..ngek~)
since i'm in Kuching, i took a chance to go to The Spring and yes, when i said i'm going/went to The Spring, my only sole destination is definitely MAC counter..hahaha manage to get few stuffs there which i'm going to 'expose' in upcoming post. (not now,as i am so buzy preparing myself and no time to take pics, do serious reviews blablablabla...) not buying much tho, as i'm on budget hahaha too bad~
and owh ladies, MAC price will increase starting next month (September 2009) and some of the 'mac-up' product will be slighlty pricy and i'm so lucky to know that and quickly grabbed those stuffs that seems essential for the time being. but fret not, it will not increase as if like RM50,RM100 etc..just a slight increase of price range from RM 6-8 but yet, it still seems pricy right~?? so babes, start planning your budget now ya~
and not only that, i can't wait to go home as my another haul is waiting for me there. my long awaited spree and am very very very effing excited!!!!! hopefully, my girlfriend guarding my stuff like a baby as the parcel is posted to her house instead of mine (ya, we're sharing postage cost..ahaha) want to know more, well..have to wait once i get back at home.;D me oso can't wait to share the haul and do reviews also maaaa~
till then,

August 12, 2009

:: Lips to Cheeks Pt. 2::

as i promise, now i'm going to do bit reviews and swatches on NYX blushes that i owned at the moment.

there are 24 colours of NYX Powder Blush to choose from and i only have two in my hand which are natural and peach.what i love about NYX powder blush is the texture is fine and smooth and the colour is well pigmented. i love natural because it has a very soft pink blush which makes my cheek a natural flush of blush and great for everyday look. Peach is great for smokey look as the colour is coral-pinkish and suitable with a nude lipstick.

next is the NYX Rouge Cream blush which range from 10 shades and i only owned 'Glow' at the moment. i'm quite dissapointed with the shade since at the website the colour appears to be pink but when i received it, it's kinda red and not suitable for daily look. the colour also tends to appear strong. i normally used this blush as a base for my powder blush on certain occasion to make my blush long lasting. it's great to be used after foundation and before setting powder to enhance the glowing cheek. with this kind of blush, i use my ring finger and blends it on the apple of the cheek only. just a small dab is enough as the blush quite hard to blend and tends to give unnatural look if applied wrongly so be careful~;)
here u go..

above: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

Below: (L-R)NYX Powder Blush in Natural & Peach
*sorry for the bad pic quality *sigh*


i will definitely get more NYX blushes next time since there are a lot of colours to choose from and the quality is great.i'm planning to get these pretty babies: NYX Powder blush in Angel, Pinky,Nutmeg and Sand (work for contouring, i guess) and NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal, Natural, Hot Pink and Golden. i am yet to try the mosaic powder blush tho~

stay tune for MAC blushes review and swatches (that i owned;d)~

till then,


August 10, 2009

:: My MAC -up ::

haha.. that's what my dear called my make up , 'MAC -up'...i guess he's used to my addiction now and understood my passion, which i'm proud of (not many guys understand woman lurve for make up, but he does~;D)

staying in miri gives me a hard time to get MAC since there is no available outlet here. So far in Borneo, there are only two MAC outlets available where one is in One Mall, Sabah and another one in The Spring, Kuching. so, i managed to get mine while i was studying in Kuching previously and a get-a-chance trip over there.

of course, MAC price is such a pain in the ass especially if u r unemployed like moi ( but yet to be employed;D) but the quality is priceless and worth it. however, a smart buyer will always find a substitute or dupe for it which offer a better price and similar quality (which for me is NYX brand;p).

My MAC are:

Studio Fix foundation - this gives me medium to full coverage and need brush to apply on face in order to achieve airbrush finish. btw, im NC20 and different type of MAC foundation have different shades so my suggestion if you want to try MAC's foundie, u have to go to the counter and let the MUA test it on your face first just to get the right shade. if i'm not mistaken, for other type of foundie (i forgot the name huhu), im, let's use this reason to hit the counter..hehe;p

Bain Visage face primer - control oilness on the T-zone and minimize pores. achieve a sleek and flawless look.

Line Filler - this is used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. it's great to cover up premature aging lines underneath the eye.

Mineralize blush - i have two blushes, Dainty and Hand Finish (from Colour Craft collection). Dainty is the bestselling and gives natural blush look. the colour is buildable depending on how bold/vivid you want to show it on your cheeks. Hand Finish is my favourite for highlights and similar to skinfinish. it has a sheen of gold which i use to highlight my cheeks, the brigde of the nose and lower chin. the colour is buildable as well but be careful, as it can caused that 'oily' look if over-use.i normally top my blush with Hand Finish to have that 3D looks at my cheeks.

MAC Lightful Ultracharge Foundation SPF 15 - my favourite face powder. it gives natural-medium coverage, fine textures and great for touch up also. however, i try not to apply it too much as it can gives me cakey look after long hours. way to solve it: blend it well when applying;p and i use brush to apply rather than the sponge.

so far, i only get mascara:

Mascara prep+prime: this one really great to achieve longer and fuller lash. i use it for lowerlash and it 'popped' out my lowerlash.

ZoomLash mascara: my only problem with this is its smudge and takes time to dry upon applying. however, the effects will definitely give u fuller, lenghty and separates the eyelash. my lash do look really fat and black. i use it for my lowerline as well and it does help as the tip of the wand is tiny and the effects similar to upperlash.

ProLash mascara: this is the recommended by professional MAC make up artist (MUA). for me, it separates the eyelash upon applying and gives me natural look. it doesn't clump and smudge. apply just once to achieve the natural look, and twice (or more;p) if want to achieve bold and dramatic eyelash. the best mascara for me so far (beside FASIO)~


Lip prep+prime: it works prior applying lipstick/lipgloss. it makes the colour stay for a long time and covers up fine lines on lip.

Lipglass: this one has a creamy texture and kinda sticky for me. it do give the glassy look and its long-lasting (due to the sticky texture). the colour is great on its own or top on any lipstick. i owned only two - Prrr and Virgin Kiss (from MAC Romance collection).

Lustreglass: i lUUuuurve lustreglass. it gives me glossy and watery finish lips. it is not too sticky as lipglass. however, the wand is a bit different, it's not like any typical lipgloss's like a brush( like LipIce lipgloss brand type of wand). but i believe, it's the secret to the glossy-watery look. i owned only one (tooOOooo bad~ will buy sumore nxt time ) - Pink Karat

Lipstain: i managed to get the one from MAC Romance collection which is Loving Touch. i used this when i'm so lazy to use lipstick/lipgloss as it is used to 're-colour' lip colour. i use this when my lips suddenly not to fancy me at the moment, which means, pale lips, reddish lips or brown lips. did anyone notice that our lip sometimes change its colour on certain weather, make up colours or after bath??? i do notice~;p

Lustre Lipstick: this is matte-creamy. not my favourite as it appears cakey sumtimes and does not glide smoothly. thanks to the colour, i save it for the last..i owned Way to Love (again from MAC Romance Collection

my only crave now is Plushglass lipgloss. i've tried it at MAC counters but i didn't get it and now, i'm regretting it~ darn it. Plushglass is used to give a plump look and 'bee-stung' kind of lips. it gives a sting sensation and helps to give a pouty lip.

okay babes, i'll try to do swatches for this on the next post especially for the blushes and the lippies stuff..

till then,

August 3, 2009

:: My NEWWWwwww Babbyyy..woOt-wOot!!::

Yayyyy!! i have a new baby..*yippie-jump-jump-jump* when i say baby, i meant it literally *baby*
i must be sound so lame to be excited over a train case ( train case is a make-up case, mind u~). my *ehem* bought it as my pre-grad gift..ahahaha am so excited, i've been eyeing on this stuff quite a while. Now, i can securely keep my make-up and need not to worry about my sisters using my make-up without my permission (yes, they 'curi2' use it as if i don't know ;s and thats happen when u share a room with two growing up girls *sigh*)...

plus, it's PINK ..need me to say more?? ehehee

here's my baby...
*warn: you'll be seeing a sight of foot/leg, please ignore~;p

:: meen's train case ::

Now, let's take a look inside;p :

::adjustable divider where u can organize your make up acccording to its size and shape::

:: new 'home' for my make up::

my only problem wit my new baby is it's kinda of small and i need more train where i can stuff my other small compact of make up. however, i'll hang on to this baby for a while and trust me, it will grow (which means, i will have bigger train case later..haha).

till then,

July 24, 2009

::Lips to the Cheeks Part 1::

i'm such a sucker when it comes to lipstick and blusher. i have this 'disorder' of collecting those eventhough i know i'm not going to use them all at once. but the feeling of having and collecting those make me feel like i have all the colour in the world, i can use different colours for different occasion and outing and yes, i feel satisfied having all of it without feeling guilty or wasted. i'm attracted to various colour spectrum where i easily fall in love with beautiful colours in which make up do offer that!
i've gotta admit that i almost become an addict especially to NYX lipsticks/lipglosses and blushes (any brand would do as long as the colour is 'perfect' to moi~). beforehand, what is NYX???

NYX originated and is headquartered in the heart of sunny Los Angeles. The cosmetics line was founded in 1999 by a young entrepreneur name Toni Ko. Ms. Ko has been
involved in color
cosmetics since she was a teenager and has always desired to create and share a line of cosmetics that provided quality products at approachable prices.

NYX Cosmetics does just that! We offer the best quality of cosmetics at attractive prices. NYX cosmetics has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the United States.Our ultramodern and stylish packaging fused with highly pigmented and wide array of colors and products continues to catch the eyes of manysophisticated, trendy shoppers and has fast become a fave on their must-have list.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best cosmetics and service in the field. Call us, fax us, or come visit us and let us know how we can help make you look more gorgeous as you celebrate ruling the town!

not only that, NYX products are mostly name after Greek myths and even NYX itself means 'Greek goddess of the night; daughter of Chaos; counterpart of Roman Nox'. Greek mythologies mostly displayed grand characters of Greeks' Goddess and kinda famous for power, beauty and legend. and this line of brand really do standout just like its name.
simply say, it's a cosmetic brand that only exist at US and not available at Malaysia market and the price is much better and cheap (even cheaper compare to Silky Girl brand price). The quality is superb and worth the price.
and yes, i am collecting NYX Round Lipstick lately because there are many colours to choose from and the quality is way better as the texture is creamier, the colour is nice (if u make a good selection based on ur skintone),plus, it's quite cheap compare to local brand (it would cost u roughly RM10 -RM 11 for this type of lippies-depending on the seller quotation/price)
for me, after using NYX lippies, i just don't look at any other brand (unless the colour is tempting and nice).. for me, NYX way worth to buy although u have to long wait for it to arrive to Malaysia.
well, my advice incase u wish to try/buy NYX Round l/s, better google the swatches as the colour displayed at the web might not be accurate. it's better to see how the colour appears on the human skin rather than a white screen, dun ya tink so??meh~
where to get it?? well, u can try LowYat by joining the spree under Girl's Stuff (cosmetic) or simply search any seller who sell NYX brand. there are also few blogshop which i found sell this brand and the lippies. incase u still struggle on to get those, just lemme know~

here are some of NYX i owned (not much at the moment;p):

Above: NYX Round Lipstick (left torigh): Strawberry Milk, Summerlove, Circe, Darling, Thalia

Below: NYX Black Label Lipstick (left to right):
Heiress, Nude


::NYX Black Label Lipstick: Nude, Heiress::

::From left to right: (NYX Megashine L/g) French Kiss, Smokey Look, (NYX Round l/g) Pink Natural and Peach::

yup babes, this is such a long post but i still more NYX coming in, so wait for the reviews and swatches ya~ *wait for the Part.2 for the blushes reviews and swatches*

till then,