October 22, 2009

:: Apology::

Sorry for a such long hiatus~ blame it on the facebook and my e-shop addiction;/

and btw, im so behind the wagon, i think i want to get those pretty Nars blushes..owh dear, im such a sucker when it comes to blushes! i know it's kinda pretty expensive (when those dollar sign converted to RM currency;( ) but those babies are calling out my name especially Orgasm, Deep Throat and Amour..i know, i will have u in my hand one day~ just wait my dear!! ahahaa;p

owh goodbye MAC blush, im so over u~~ haha just kidding!! i still can't get enough of those as well..darn it, why do we have only a pair of cheecks??!

p/s:: i try my best to keep my blog update..fyi, im not that active beauty blogger anyhow..hehe

till then,

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