August 26, 2009

:: Garnier Aqua Defense Moisture Essence reviews ::

As i promised, i will do a review on this product which i purchased not long ago but gave me ample time to do review about it.
Today, it's already been 10 days i'm using this product. Beforehand, well-informed to you that i have a combination skin which is oily in T-Zone and quite dry on lower cheeks, chin and jaw line. My skin is also prone to acne, zits and blemishes. Not only that, i tend to have freckles under directs sunlight and pro-longed stay under the sun (thus, i use sunscreen, sunblock or SPF defense cream at day).

i got this moisturizer as i was ran out of moisturizer and really need a moisturizer that is cheap but offer great quality. My skin was kinda dry and flacky especially at my lower cheek and obviously oily at T-Zone.

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:: the gel texture ::

*somehow i've lost the front pic of the product when i was editing..&^&%^%*&*

so far, i must say that this product just do right for me and i like how it feels on my skin after applied. it also leaves a dewy look. However, my T-Zone is oily after 6 hours but not so oily as before. i think this work wonderfully for those who have normal and dry skin due to the moisturizing effects and the dewy finish. For the price of RM19.90, you can give this a try. But a bit of reminder, i'm not persuading anyone to buy and try this and the product might react differently on your skin. So try it at your own risk.;D

*i've read a lot of good review about this so far~*wink~*

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