December 7, 2009

:: missing??::

Yaaaa~~I've been missing for the past few months..

well, there's a new turn leaf in my life since i already started working and my work seems take most of my time and i couldn't find ample time to blog. but now, it's holiday season and i'm not working, i think it's about time for me to update my blog.

and guess what.., my camera broke down last month..thus explain i couldn't take picture of my haul, products reviews and swatches and i just don't have that feeling to blog;/

*i just don't really like it when my blog don't have any pictures..its feel like it's naked! 
i try to make it up later since i have a LOT of make ups in my stash that dying to be shown to the world! eheheh just kiddding~!!

Plus, it's DECEMBER already!! and i just love December~
it's holiday, its my birthday month, it's my father's birthday month as well, it's my anniversary with my love, it's xmas (i LOVE xmas time - caroling, thanksgiving, decorating xmas tre, celebrating xmas, good food;p, etc) and most of all, it's end of the year~~ i just love DECEMBER~~ 

till then,

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