August 6, 2010

:: Skinfood - Mask!::

Ok, before I'll go for a short hiatus..i would like to share my HG masks from Skinfood products. I was introduced to this brand by my friend after she asked me to try the facial mask sheet. I still remembered my first mask which is Snow Tea Mask Sheet and I must say, the first experience was amazing. So i returned to the shop as one happy customer, made few purchases of their mask and I've found that Skinfood's masks are beyond amazing and have made some as my HG mask. I'll always return to restock my favorite masks and check out new stuffs. Once, i was never bother about the shop but now, it is one of my 'pit-stop'.
Ok, so here's a few of my HG masks so far.

 1. Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet
[click on the picture to enlarge]
This is for oily skin and to treat Acne-prone skin. I'm using this mask once or twice a week depending on my skin condition. This is a MUST purchase for me. What I like about this mask sheet? OMG, not only it reduce oily skin but it helps to reduce pimple and stop pimple from becoming worst. How can i tell it's good? Well, a week ago it was a super busy week that i didn't follow my skincare regime well and not to mention, my skin started to break out and there was lots of small zits on my forehead, chin and jaw line. So, i put on this mask at night and leave it on my face for 30 minutes (i know it's exceeding the time limits but it smells so niiiiiccceee just like peach and it's such a waste to throw it away when it's still 'wet' with all the essence). The next morning, i can see the zits disappear and heal and my skins was so smooth and not that oily anymore. It also make make-up application looks natural and 'absorb' to the skin well.
I don't remember how much it is precisely but i think it's around RM11-12. It's a bit expensive because it's an essence and each mask session equals to one bottle of essence, as what they have claimed..

2. Snow Tea Mask Sheet
This is for whitening effect, reducing spot and make skin supple and smooth. At first I thought I doesn't need it since my skin is already fair enough. But then, my friend persuaded me to give this is a try and she keep on complimenting everything about this mask. So..i gave it a try. 
This is my first mask trial from Skinfood. My 2cents, i don't see my skin gettting fairer but it's make dull skin appears brighter and refresh. And yes, i couldn't stop touching my face after using the mask. It really makes my skin smooth and supple. I like how it felt on skin the next morning after i wake up, it's awesome!
Not only that, it last for few days and make make-up application easier and looks natural on face. I was so surprised putting make up become effortless that i don't need thick foundation but instead i use BB creams and it stays on well.
I've bought this mask sheet for my friend and she's also loving it and we have the same thought on this mask.So, that's mean that this mask is well-deserved for a round of applause for its quality..Yayyy!!;))

This mask costs RM8.90..;)

3.  Shea Butter Foot Mask
Ok, even a foot also have a mask. I was skeptical about this mask at first because i doubt how it is used on foot. So, the seller told me that it's looks like a sock and you can walk and do house chores while using this mask. At the time, i was having a very bad cracked heel due to standing for long hours and walking here and there all the times and i never bother about my heels until i noticed few cracked lines already show up. I was panicked and i don't want to have grandma heels and that dirty look cracked heels so i used pumice stone, apply cream and do whatever i can to reduce and make it disappears. The result was not that satisfying and last temporarily then it comes back again.
So, that is when i decided i give this mask a shot. Yes, it looks like a sock and u wear it like one. I leave it on my foot for about 30 minutes or until it becomes dry that all the liquid absorbed well. 
the result, well..tada, AMAZING!! No more cracked heels but smooth and baby soft foot. It lasts for a week and yes, i was so happy that i don't feel embarrass about my foot anymore. I used this once a month to treat my foot.
The mask costs RM13.90.

So, these are my three top HG mask sheets from Skinfood products. .
And last but not least,
I'll be reviewing about this mask soon and yes, it's also my HG mask! This one need a proper review because it is so gooood.
ATTENTION:: I am  not paid or given the masks by the company to do this review. This post is my honest reviews about this masks and to share my with you my favorite products. All the masks were bought with my money.

Till then,


Rinny said...

These masks all look so good! I've only tried the Aloe BB cream from Skinfood, but never their skincare products. I may try one of these masks soon after reading your great review :)

♥ belle♥ said...

@Rinny: Yup, you should try, it is really good~ ;D