July 2, 2010

:: Nail Polishes : China Glaze and Elianto::

Ok,here's my latest obsession..lately I am so crazy about nail polishes,like seriously! i couldn't take my eyes off from those bright and yummy colors..it's intrigued me~!!

And i want to show my 'pathetic' collections of nail polishes and let u know my favorites!;)
::L-R (All CG): Diva Bride, Innocence, Exceptionally Gifted, Sexy Lady, Afterglow, IV, V, Love Letter::
:: L-R: CG Liquid Leather, CG Branding Iron, CG Ruby Pump, OPI Passion, OPI Chocolate Mousse, Essie True Love, Essie Eternal Optimist, CG Matte Magic Top Coat::

ELIANTO (Korean Brand) *Malaysian Brand
*Edited as in 17.10.10 : After the head-up by one of my reader and further research from Google, it is assured that Elianto is a Malaysian Brand, however due to some of the products are manufactured from Korea, thus the features are likely to resemble some Korean products out there.
 :: I WANT MORE!!::

:: L-R : Transparent, Platinum Pearl, Bisque, Peach, Thistle, Turquoise, Sky Blue::
:: L-R: Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Shimmer Violet, Grape Violet, Dark Violet, Persian Indigo (Sparkling Diva Nail Colour)::

My Faves and a few that i used most:
CG Branding Iron - once that i love Vampish nail colour and love this on toenails)
CG Afterglow - normally i used this on top of other nail polish for the 3D look...it's glowy)
CG Innocence  - gives that healthy look on nail..perfect for base for French Manicure, well..for me)
ESSIE Eternal Optimist -  I HEART this to the core!!! It's nude pinkish-mauvey look which makes my fingers slender..and the liquid consistency is amazing..no STREAKY even on first application...seriously, i LOVE this!
Elianto Bisque - this one is my-finger-but-better..hehe it matched with my skin tone and it's a perfect nude, it's my 'Mannequin Hand/Nail shade;)
Elianto Thistle - I couldn't believe this LILAC color actually looks pretty good on my nails..since then, i heart LILAC nail polishes and intend to get more ..I already eyeing a fews from CG already;)
Elianto Grape Wine  - I used this a lot before I got CG Branding Iron since, like i said, i was into bloody red or vampish nail color before..but this one, i have to apply few coats to achieve that desired look;) so that's explained why it's already half a bottle. Oh ya, my sister loves it too!

Swatches?? Well, i'll post a picture if i'm using one..

but not going to disappoint u, so i'll leave u with a few swatches which i took before;)

::Essie Eternal Optimist::
:: Elianto Thistle::
:: Elianto Bisque, top with CG Afterglow::

that's all now,

till then,


meipinggg said...

Just to tell you. :X But Elianto is a Malaysian brand. > <

♥ belle♥ said...


Hai, thank you for reading my blog:)

Yes, after doing further research and investigation,it is a Malaysian brand. Thank you for the head-up!;)