August 15, 2010

:: Skinfood - Acorn Jelly Mask Reviews ::

As I promised, I am back and I am excited to share about another favorite mask from Skinfood which is Acorn Jelly Mask. is a jelly-ish texture and for me, it's different but something new for me.

This mask was recommended by the SA  and she said most of the return customers gave good feedback about this mask and it's always running out of stock. At the time, i noticed there were only 3jars left on the rack compare to other masks.

According to her, the mask is good for oily skin, can reduce blackhead and whitehead, reduce pores size, dry acne and remove dead skin cells thus making skin looks smooth and polished.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "A mask that effectively tightens oil-clogged enlarged pores and exfoliates layers of dead skin cells with powdered acorns from Jiri-mountain" 

:: the ingredients ::
:: the jelly-ish texture..remind of jelly/pudding::
:: mini spoon to scoop the product..very convenient and hygenic::
:: looks yum-yum...hehe::
:: put it on hand and apply it on face..tada~~::

Yup, the texture is so amazing and actually using the mask is easy. It only need a minute, i emphasize ONE MINUTE only then rinse it. That's it! According to the SA, she doesn't encourage to let the mask on face for too long (more than a minute), scared that it will be too strong and do harm, instead of giving benefits. So, doesn't that mean the ingredients are too strong or efficient?? oh, i was influenced to give it a try since they were only 3 jars left and the SA looks so convincing, plus she guarantee it! oh well~~

Ok,so here is my 2cents:-
I'm using this mask twice a week. Yes, it is very easy to use and plus, it only takes a minute.For me, it saves a lot of time and i no need to wait. Well, that's a good thing right?!! Worry of could not feel the mask is working? Gosh, even a minute, i actually can feel that tingling sensation and can feel the mask is working. The tingling sensation is actually a bit of painful and i could not wait wash it off but still can be endure tho~ ;)

My mistake for the first time using it was, i used a lot of the products, two scoops...and i waste a lot of products. One scoop is all it takes and it can cover my face and my neck. 

It's been a month now, and i can say that the product actually serves quite good:
reduce pores size - my pores not getting smaller but actually it looks clean and hence, make it looks less visible
reduce blackhead and whitehead - not really, i can still see blackhead especially on my nose tho 
reduce oily skin - yup!!! i can feel my skin stay matte for a long hours the next day and last until midday..ain't it awesome?!!
dry pimple - not drying but it control zits. maybe because it reduces oil on face,hence, control zit.
remove dead skin cells -  yup! i can see my face became polished,clean and actually make my skin clearer and looks brighter.
price wise  - it's a bit expensive for me, retail price is RM63.90..however, since the product serves a good quality and benefits, i am not complaining;)

last but not least, it's a good buy and Skinfood skincare products are just amazing. 
I can't wait to share another Skinfood masks which i purchased last week, and it is AWESOME!!

till the next post,

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