April 18, 2011

:: MAC collection mini haul: Wonder Woman, Jeanius and Quite Cute [swatches & mini reviews]::

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As promised, this is my recent MAC haul. Just a few items, not many - blushes and the l/g which only from the Quite Cute collection, which I think is enough - promised myself not to hoard make up, i am trying u know~;)

April 16, 2011

:: Sephora's: Illamasqua's Katie and Nars Sex Appeal ::

:: Top: UDPP Professional Size::

:: Bottom : Illamasqua Katie & Nars Sex Appeal::

My not-so recent order from Sephora. hehe..I have to get the UDPP Professional Size because it's HUGE and in TUBE!! could last for a long period and definitely hygenic and convenient to use;)

April 12, 2011

:: Nature Rebulic: Baby Tok - Lip and Cheek color ::

Isn't these cute?? the shades are pretty natural and leave a sheen of natural color. My favorite shade is Shade 03 as mentioned from the previous post. I grabbed this often ever since i purchased it and i wear this to work. It's moisturizing and non drying which is a plus. Staying power is okay, it's not that bad.  however, i haven't try to use it on cheek yet.the only downside for this product is the packaging- in a jar which is not really hygienic (for me).i use finger to use this product rather than using a brush because i'm just too lazy to do so hehe price wise - a bit pricey, RM25 for a jar. There a few shades to choose from, so go and check it out:)

:: Shade 03 & Shade 09 ::

April 10, 2011

:: Collective Haul~::

Aha..sorry for the late entry for the year 2011. This post is dedicated to my long overdue reviews and post which was supposed to be blogged last year, but since life was so happening latter last year, hence, it have to wait..

To top the list~
Finally, i have my hand on this HG palette and ever since i owned it, i couldn't take my hands off this palette and bring this everywhere whenever i travel. I used this for Xmas, for my honeymoon, for New Year, whenever i move back on forth to my parents and in-laws houses..this palette come along with me
i just can't keep my 'hand' off from the palette... i just love it too much~
i won't be reviewing or do swatches about this palette on this post because i believe there's gazillion reviews, swatches and blog post about this palette out there and trust me, this is one palette that u wouldn't want to miss for this decade. however, if u want me to do swatches n review about this palette in detail, just let me know because i would love too;)

2.Skinfood Masks

I grabbed few masks and restock my favorite masks. I was lucky to get a Xmas set where i get two mini masks which is Fresh Aloe Pack for hydration and Rice Mask Wash Off for brightening (this is LOVE~ i found another good mask from Skinfood!).

Also, I tried their new mask which is Omija Whitening Mask Sheet, which i bought and tried a day before my wedding to get that glowy and radiance look. However, i can't say much about this mask yet but i will give it another try before i give my says about it.Since this is a new product, hence the price is little bit pricey compare to other masks, RM16++.
Skinfood Omija Whitening Mask Sheet
 I heard about this eye patch from my friend and she said this is good..period~ I used this one a day before my wedding as well and i was impressed with the results. It's brighten  and reduce dark circles. I'm going to get this one soon but this one would be a bit pricey.
Skinfood Salmon Eye Patch

 3. Nature Republic 'Baby Tok Lip & Cheek Color'

:: have no idea y d pic is upside down..can't be adjusted tho;( 


 Isn't this cute? Ya, the name is intended to be spelled that way instead of saying 'Baby Talk', it says 'Baby Tok' ..so cute~  this is sort of like a lip balm and cheek color which is to give a slight hint of color on face to opt for the natural look.  I use Shade 3 often because i just love the peachy color and it looks nude that close to MLBB.

i will make a review and swatches on these two babies later~

ok, till d next post

p/s: connection is really bad big time..an upload take an ages. my gawd!!so demotivating;/