August 15, 2009

:: wait for me ::

here i am, blogging at my hotel room and so super excited as there's a free wi-fi, so i won't be bother about internet lagg or server down..ahaha so fast one Ooooo~~
counting hours before my graduation (oopss..spoiler there;pp), nvm..won't brag about that, i'm kinda take a nick of time to post a short note of what i'm doing so far..(like i'm away for way to long..ngek~)
since i'm in Kuching, i took a chance to go to The Spring and yes, when i said i'm going/went to The Spring, my only sole destination is definitely MAC counter..hahaha manage to get few stuffs there which i'm going to 'expose' in upcoming post. (not now,as i am so buzy preparing myself and no time to take pics, do serious reviews blablablabla...) not buying much tho, as i'm on budget hahaha too bad~
and owh ladies, MAC price will increase starting next month (September 2009) and some of the 'mac-up' product will be slighlty pricy and i'm so lucky to know that and quickly grabbed those stuffs that seems essential for the time being. but fret not, it will not increase as if like RM50,RM100 etc..just a slight increase of price range from RM 6-8 but yet, it still seems pricy right~?? so babes, start planning your budget now ya~
and not only that, i can't wait to go home as my another haul is waiting for me there. my long awaited spree and am very very very effing excited!!!!! hopefully, my girlfriend guarding my stuff like a baby as the parcel is posted to her house instead of mine (ya, we're sharing postage cost..ahaha) want to know more, well..have to wait once i get back at home.;D me oso can't wait to share the haul and do reviews also maaaa~
till then,

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