August 3, 2009

:: My NEWWWwwww Babbyyy..woOt-wOot!!::

Yayyyy!! i have a new baby..*yippie-jump-jump-jump* when i say baby, i meant it literally *baby*
i must be sound so lame to be excited over a train case ( train case is a make-up case, mind u~). my *ehem* bought it as my pre-grad gift..ahahaha am so excited, i've been eyeing on this stuff quite a while. Now, i can securely keep my make-up and need not to worry about my sisters using my make-up without my permission (yes, they 'curi2' use it as if i don't know ;s and thats happen when u share a room with two growing up girls *sigh*)...

plus, it's PINK ..need me to say more?? ehehee

here's my baby...
*warn: you'll be seeing a sight of foot/leg, please ignore~;p

:: meen's train case ::

Now, let's take a look inside;p :

::adjustable divider where u can organize your make up acccording to its size and shape::

:: new 'home' for my make up::

my only problem wit my new baby is it's kinda of small and i need more train where i can stuff my other small compact of make up. however, i'll hang on to this baby for a while and trust me, it will grow (which means, i will have bigger train case later..haha).

till then,


Anonymous said...

Hye..where u buy this case?please let me know as soon as possible..

Loverne Lim Zhi Xuan said...

Hey , may I know where u get the la famine blush? Email me k!
Thank u