December 31, 2010

:: Another wish...::

So, this year come to its end and soon, we are welcoming another great year, 2011. 2010 passed by really quick and a lot of amazing things happened in this year. I'm just thrilled to be given another blessed year to expect more exciting adventures, hopes and opportunity to meet expectations and undergo another interesting way of life. excited to see what 2011 will offer me this time around.

i know this is not meant to be a personal blog but for me this blog was an interesting invention despite lack of update. I must say, i am guilty for not doing so but as a human,my weaknesses are not able to keep up with times and let my work taking a toll over my life. Moreover, i am just starting embarking another amazing journey as a newly wed, married and career woman. 2011 surely will be a challenging  year for me, but i'll try to adapt and cope..we'll see.

Nevertheless, my love and passion for makeups, beauty stuff and recently - handbags, accessories and perfumes shall not die or fade;p I know my boyfriend-now-husband whined a lot about my spending and passion but what i should be proud of him is that he learned and knew about cosmetics brand which i loves n not (at least he knew when i talked about MAC, it is not the MAC Apple software;P). i should give him a round of applause for that..for straight guy, if u know what is MAC, Urban Decay, ELF, NYX etc..then u'll sure be a girl best friend!hehe kidding~ bt u girls get my point right?! hehe nevermind~

For dear reader or blog-walkers, i know i've been lack of updating this year or which i like to call it seasonal blogging..i am very sorry and would like to apologize. I have a lot of things and cosmetics which are yet to be blogged about but this year have been really 'adventurous' for me. I'll try to make it up next year. There's a lot of things that i wish to share and review about. like seriously~

before i end this 'end-year' post, i would like to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR and MAY GOD BLESSED US ANOTHER YEAR AHEAD. May all of your wish and resolutions fulfilled this year!
Much loves from me~

December 13, 2010

:: ELF Studio Sunscreen Powder and ELF Mineral Blush ::

Earlier of this month , my ELF that i ordered just arrived. This time i purchased two products which are the sunscreen powder and the powder blush.
ELF Mineral Blush and ELF Studio SPF45 Sunscreen powder
:: What it says..::
:: Inside - translucent powder which i think would likely to suit any skin colour:: * i already used the product before i took the picture and reviewed it, thus explain why the puff is dirty..;D
Sunscreen is very important, to prevent skin from further pigmentation or getting dry ( much worse, getting darker or redness or even sunburn). My skin is very sensitive and easily get red when expose to sun which i think is normal if u have super fair skin and lack of melanin pigment. Not only that, it tends to get dark when i exposed to sun for a long time in a long period of time. I've been neglecting about my face when i was a teenager thus now i get the consequences, where my neckline and my face line have different shade and few freckles and pigmentation already shown on my face. 

however, thanks to my own self awareness where i notified sooner when i was in early 20's-mid 20's,that i realised those dark spots and discoloration on my skin n i began to take care of my face by using sunscreen. Yes people, sunscreen! but finding a good sunscreen at the time was difficult because most of it is mainly for body with a very high SPF and the texture are greasy and oily.

Now, there's a lot of product which manufactured for Asian market that mostly contained SPF or UVA/UVB protection thus it is more convenient and hassle-free to look for sunscreen for face. ELF have come out with their own product of sunscreen powder which would be suitable to be used as a finishing powder or loose powder. I use this as a finishing powder. So far, i am pleased with the product because of the high SPF which suitable for Malaysian hot and humid weather, and the staying power - at least it keep my face matte for at least 5 hours before the next touch-up.

:: ELF Mineral Powder Blush ::
:: Pink and Peachy ::
ELF Mineral line has come out with a new shades as another addition to their powder blush family. There are two new shades which are Pink and Peachy. As a blush- junkies, I was excited.The two colors are my favorite shades. 

However, it was a turn down for me.I am not very happy with the shades because it has shimmer to it - i don't find it is suitable for everyday use and i don't want to enhance or highlight my oily face with its shimmer. The peachy color is so dark and it's more to brown - orange colour rather than pinkish-orange color -where i think it would compliment those who have tanned skin or medium to dark skintone. Oh well~ in the end, i just put it at the end of the drawer - looking for a day where i will grab it and find it useful..*sigh*

so, till then..have a nice day and xoxo;D

December 6, 2010

:: Dec..i am slowly coming back~~::

Yeap people, i am slowly coming back. November was a wreck month, I can't find a time to blog and not to mentioned, i have a lot of collective hauls dying to be reviewed but i just can't. Everything was taking a toll in my life. year school programmes, arghhh..just about everything ( being an educator is not an easy job, owh please tell me..:/) I rather just read, relax and have my own time than blogging. that's how demotivated i was/am.

I am so sorry for such a long hiatus. I'm not sure if i have an avid reader (s) or anyone aware of what happened in my situation right now but yes, December 2010 is one of THE totally AMAZING month for me this year.. my birthday was a week ago, my Dad's birthday was on last Saturday, Christmas is just around the corner and yes, my wedding bells are ringing soon, like real soon..I am kinda looking forward for this month in the calendar.

I am busy with all of this wedding preparation and doing a lot of things in last minute is really kicking my gear and my kinetic phase to fast-forward phase. Yes, I am anxious, nervous and of course, anticipate for it. And I can't wait for it to come and it's over..

Enough about  lil, since Christmas is just around the corner. Have u made your wishlist yet? Awh yes, i've been thinking and yes, i can't wait to put my monthly salary buying make up again, this wedding thingy for sure eat a lot of my salary and i've been 'fasting' or 'in rehab' from buying anything eversince;(

Let me show a peek of my wish list this xmas...

 #1. I've been thinking of UD Naked Palette lately. At first i was able to hold my temptation since it's just those normal brown or neutral shades. Awhhh i have it and sure can find dupes. I found out about this palette since it was first launced, i think it was somewhere around August huh?? not sure.. but then, i saw a lot of beauty bloggers lemming about this palette and whenever i saw they used the palette somehow it looks nice and i was tempted. I just could not hold my temptation any longer when it shows SOLD OUT and LIMITED EDITION..damnnn~ i just knew i gotta have this palette. So, let just say i found one seller selling this palette and she still one more crossed fingers she will give a good new soon..

#2 Sleek Sparkle i-Divine Palette - Based on my experience with Sleek palette previously, i have no doubt that this palette also would be one of the best palette from only problem would be with this palette is the red color eyeshadow. I just don't know if i can pull a look with that color - or use it as a blush?hehe gliterry blush, emm on second thoughts, nevermind then...

#3 A getaway - I need a break to a very isolated place where i can do whatever i want and just relax, takes off my mind and just enjoy nature gifts. looking forward for the honeymoon..

#4 Good Books : Gregory Maguire's novel - Although i loves make up to the core however i still enjoy reading and good books ( thanks to my degree programme before, it just cultivate my passion for books and reading). Macguire's has been my 'looking-forward' author eversince i got hooked with his books ' Son of A Witch' which u can called a sequel to "The Wizard of Oz' -to what happened to the bad witch after that. For me, his novel is sort of interpretation of Shreck animation in a novel form where happy ending does not necessarily happily ever after and yada yada yada..
Wicked - the first volume
Confession of an Ugly Stepsister  - yes, from Cinderella's
and also, i am hooked with this kid lately..

The Wimpy kid - Greg Heffleys by Jeff Kinney
i already read Part 1 and i am thinking of getting this soon...

- minus 'Rodrick Rules which is #2
and of course the latest one...

oh well, so those are part of my wish list crave. At least not all of it is entirely makeup ( i know i am pleasing someone here)..

have u think of yours already?? i am SURE u have..:D

so till the next post,

September 14, 2010

:: Nail Polishes Haul - OPI & China Glaze ::

Nude/Mannequin-hand shade nail polishes and summer colour nail polishes have become one of my addiction lately~ I can't believe that I have been collecting a numbers of nail polishes this year and the collection is growing...which is scary for me~ Fiancee just shook his head..hehe

Yesterday, my order of OPI and China Glaze have arrived after 2 months of long waiting from MBS~ I am so happy that finally my OPIs are here and since OPI is no longer available via online sales thus ,at the time, it was my only chance to get my hand on few colours (plus it is way cheaper to purchase OPI via online). 
:: it's worth to wait for 15 nail polishes!!::

:: haha..don't be surprised that all my OPI colours are all almost the same..blame on the nude/mannequin shade fever!::

So, for this post i made an exclusive swatches for you..

OPI : 1
:: From L to R : Have a Tempura Tan-Trum, Miso Happy With This Color, Tickle My France-y, Dulce de Leche, Polar Bare::
:: Applied 2 coats: - thumb - : Have a Tempura Tan-Trum, Index - Miso Happy With This Color, Middle - Tickle My France-y, Ring - Dulce de Leche, Pinkie - Polar Bare ::
These shades are more to nude and mannequin hand shade. It's hard to define the color precisely as some of it look beige, pale brown, pale pink, peachy pink, grey-ish, i don't dare to justify or define the color firmly but can be seen from the swatches:

alert!:: color justification is based solely on MY OWN OPINION.. it might differs from yours opinion

Have a Tempura Tan-Trum - beige. It looks kinda pale on my nail and not really suits my skin color.
Miso Happy With This Color - beige-pinky. I loves this shade because it's really nice color. I would let you know why i heart this shade by the end of this post;)
Tickle My France-y - Greyish with slight brown-pink hue.I kind of hate this color initially because i saw some of the swatches, it looks really ugly. But then, once i applied it..i started to like it and it turns out not that bad.
Dulce de Leche - light brown with mauve. This shade kind of similar with Revlon 'Touch of Mauve' but this one appear slightly darker than it.
Polar Bare - Peach! yup, that's it! 

OPI 2:
:: From L to R : Coney Island Cotton Candy, Canberra't Without You, Malaysian Mist, Fair Drinkum Pinkum, It's a Girl ::
:: Applied 2 coats :- thumb - Canberra't Without You, Index - Coney Island Cotton Candy, Middle - Malaysian Mist, Ring - Fair Drinkum Pinkum, Pinkie - It's a Girl! ::
:: Up close view...*ignore the color that spread at cuticle::

This 5 shades are more to sheer finish and suitable as base for french manicure. 

Canberra't Without You - light beige with small silver glitter specs
Coney Island Cotton Candy - milky beige color, really sheer
Malaysian Mist - sheer soft peach ..* i bought this simply because it named after 'Malaysian'..hehe and turn out, the color is pretty good in peach! I loves this shade;) 
Fair Drinkum Pinkum - the name of this polish remind me fairy-thingy and it's so sweet. it's a light pink with a small glitter specs, like Canberra't Without You and remind me of fairy, ballerina and tutu skirt;)
It's a Girl - sweet baby pink and it's sheer, true to its name..this color would be great for french manicure base and it makes nail looks healthy. Among my favorite shades as well~

Overall, I am happy with all my OPI orders although all of it categorized in a same color chart (but who could blame nude/mannequi/sheer polishes that never go outdated)! Oh well, since some of the shades are difficult to find here in Malaysia, so I am not really regretting my purchase. Plus, OPI retail price here in Malaysia is too expensive..RM50-60++, OMG! But i got mine through online purchase for only RM 27! Half of the about a good bargain here!;)

:: From L to R : Agent Lavender, Light As Air, Something Sweet, For Audrey, Flip Flop Fantasy::
:: Applied 2 coats:- thumbs - Agent Lavender, Index - Light As Air, Middle - Something Sweet, Ring - For Audrey, Pinkie - Flip Flop Fantasy::
:: Up close view...*ignore the over-spread color to the cuticle::
 For China Glaze, I wanted to play with colorful shades and yes, i am liking purple/lilac color! Owh dear, what a wonderful world of colors!!;D

Agent Lavender - yes, pretty lavender color! it's kind of similar to Light as Air but a bit darker.
Light As Air - bluish lilac color;) it's hard to distinguish it from Agent Lavender, but this one lighter..let me show the pic..
[click on the page to enlarge]

Something Sweet - bubblegum soft the bottle it looks like a soft purple-pink shade, however it turns out so pink..i don't know if i can style this shade though, bubblegum pink not really loves me tho~ emm

For Audrey - i don't know how to define this shade, it's in between pastel green, turquoise, minty green..ya, it's somewhere there. This shade is so refreshing and the color is really pretty!

Flip Flop Fantasy -  this is neon pink and it's cool! and it's matte finish on nails. Haha.. well, gonna wear this shade when the time is right~~;DD

Last but not least,
here is OPI shade I am wearing now... I am so loving this nude color,
:: ya~...Miso Happy With This Color ;) ::

however, i start to get that 'meh~' feeling... it's kinda bored then (after 2nd day)

so, hopefully this post really helpful for those who loves nude/ mannequin-hand shades;)

till the next post,

September 5, 2010

:: Stage - Opening Act Complexion Enhancer 'Natural Beauty'::

Okay, so here's a final loot..

Opening Act Complexion Enhancer is a primer for face, which was given a good reviews by Skindeco here and there are two types which one is for highlighting and another one is a natural set.Thus, during the sale i get myself 'Natural Beauty'. i need a natural primer and not something which can enhance the oiliness of my face by highlighting unnecessary features.

:: IT SAYS...::
:: TUBE FORM - which is very hygienic and control fluid dispensation::
:: see the difference between left & right..::
so here is my 2cents:

although i try to love this primer but it still can't compare to MAC Bain Visage. Nearly 2 hours, i can feel my face become greasy and discreet oil. I try to love it  but i still can't. However, i still use this some other time especially when i feel my skin is dry as this can give a dewy finish. Thus, i think this might not look good for those who have oily face especially on T-Zone ..but recommended for those who have dry skin, it really gives that dewy finish which make skin look 'healthy'.

will i get it again??;)
worth to buy? since it was on 50% off, ya but i would not purchase it again after this simply because it is not suitable for my skin type.
price? sorry, i don't remember and i've lost the receipt. But probably around RM60+..

till the next post,

August 23, 2010

:: STAGE -Nail polishes and Polish Remover ::

Hopefully i can  get this done,this post is about STAGE polishes and the polish remover which was recommended by the MUA..
:: Nail polishes and polish remover ::
:: Pretty, Delicious, Captivating ::
:: Pretty ::
:: Normal Light ::

my love~


My verdict::
Yes!! I'm loving the texture and the quality. True to its color and the application on nail is smooth. I love their nail polishes. However, the down side of its is it does not offer wide range of  color thus making choices limited.

Pretty is pearly pink sheer on the first coat, however, for the next two coats it comes out pretty decent.
Delicious is my favorite among all. Somehow , it like how its appear and looks on my hand and make my finger slightly longer nad slender. I like the peachy coral color;)
Captivating is a beautiful deep dark red. As can be seen from the pictures, it's another vampy shade and i like how it looks like in my toenails.

Now, the polish remover. This is my HG polish remover  for now. It done an amazing job and only need a swipe to take the color off. Amazingly! No hassle - which i like. The scent is nice and not to empowering like typical nail polish remover. The MUA was strongly advising me to get this and she said it is way better than the drugstore brand. Since it was RM10, i decided to get it, plus i was running out of polish remover atm.

Retail price is RM39 for nail polish and RM18 for the polish remover. But I got mine for RM10 each because i bought the item 'with purchase'.;) Great deal!!

I would definitely get more of the polishes and restock the remover before the sales end;)

ok, now i only have one more item from Stage to review - Opening Act Complexion Enhancer

till then,

August 19, 2010

:: STAGE Lippies (heavy pics!).::

STAGE Lipstick - There are few lines of lippies finish and I bought 2 of it which are Wonderluxe and Wonderlust lipstick and for this haul also, i got freebies which are the lip gloss and the lip liner.
SO, let the pictures and swatches do the justice..may i?;)

 For this, I bought three lippies and they gave me one free..I had a hard time choosing the shade because some of the shades look similar or dull or boring or 'meh'. For me, i find the selection of color is limited. But it depends on some people, i prefer those that are pinky-peach, nude and MLBB;)

So, here are those...

:: Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus, Apricot Angel ::

:: Naughty Nude &Blushing Beau ::
:: Lush Lotus & Apricot Angel ::
Above (L-R) : Naught Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus
Below: Apricot Angel

Clockwise order starting from first picture on the left:
Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Apricot Angel & Lush Lotus

Here's my 2cents:
actually, i don't like the finishing of the's sort of matte but not matte and's like a MAC lustre finish. It left a residue at the end of the day so i'm not really liking it. 

Naughty Nude is a bit sheer and not that 'nude'
Blushing beau - sometimes i like the shade, sometimes i don't like it because it makes my lip looks so pale 
Lush Lotus - beautiful pink, definitely suitable for work..i pair this with l/g to cover the drying finish
Apricot Angel - i thought this was a peach color, but then it's a bit of orange and pink.

Retail price : RM48...i got mine during sales for  RM24, Buy 3 Free 1;)


:: Normal Lighting :::
:: with Flash ::
:: Swatch on lip ::
This is LOVE! It's a very pretty color and it's cream finish which provides moisture and soften my lips. I love this~ think gonna restock this before it's back to normal price again;)

Only Wonderlust lippies are given name such as Diana, Jeniffer, Sandre, Helen etc.

I prefer getting this compare to Wonderluxe because of the creamy texture and its moisturizing effect.

Retail Price: RM48...I got this during sales for RM27.50 ( a bit pricier than Wonderluxe )

:: Freebies -  LIPGLOSS & LIP LINER ::
:: Nearly Naked ::
:: Lipgloss - GAIA::


Top - Nearly Naked (lip liner)
Bottom -  Gaia (Lip Gloss)

:: GAIA l/g ::

The lip liner and the lip gloss are amazing! When the MUA asked me to choose the shade that i want, i immediately choose these two shades because it's look lovely~ 

I need nude lip liner since i don't have that actually look 'Nude' and i find that using lip liner can define lip better and create natural pout.

As for the lip gloss, initially i was interested with another shade but then again, i own few nudes l/g already so i decided to get Gaia since the colour looks natural pink and close to lip colour but better~ 
Awh yes, this is shade is AMAZING!! I love this l/'s doesn't have that sticky and yucky taste which is another thumbs up;) I like the l/g!

ANd luckily i got both for FREE~!!

Sorry, I don't remember the actual price for both products;/

So, before i end the post's a lip color combining three lip products from STAGE that i like:
Lip Liner - Nearly Naked
L/s -  Audrey (Wonderlust)
L/g - Gaia

I love how it turned out~ super duper nice shade!!;)

till the next 'STAGE' post,