December 12, 2009


I would like to introduce my latest skincare regime and close to my holy grail products..


i got two merlot moiturizers which are day cream with spf and night cream. I’ve got these last two months ago (end of october) and i must say...these are amazingly great products especially the night cream. It 'WOW' on the first tries (emmm, that would be a lil of exaggeration there)

Here’s a quick review of each moisturizer:

Merlot Natural Grape Seed Moisturizer with SPF 15 

Pros:: I use this cream as a day cream and prior make up application. Let me start with the smell. The smell is so heavenly grape~ and I like it!! I mean this is a great kick-start smell early in the morning;p The texture, its purple in colour and bit watery which immediately absorb into skin once applied and what so great about it is that I don't need to wait like other moisturizer where I have to wait and let it completely absorbed into the skin. With this moisturizer I save time and go straight to my make up application! haha

:: what it says on the jar;) ::

:: the ingredients :: 

* error at the pic, it's NOT the night's d moisturizer with spf 15, sorry;s   
:: the texture::

Cons:: i noticed that it caused my skin to breakout at first (and i need to emphasize that my skin is acne-prone and sensitive! not to mention oily ;/) perhaps because of the SPF and it does not suit my skin. or maybe i because i used it too much per application. However, i gave it another try for another week with light application (just one and a half pump for entire face and neck). My skin seems fine after that and just a normal zit popped once in a while. Oh well~


:: taa daa~!! ::

 Pros:: For night cream, the texture is a bit thick and the colour is white. It's not that oily and greasy on my face. The thickness of the skin is not really a problem since i need that extra moisturizer (i sleep in air-con room, so it's a MUST!) to prevent skin to dry.

:: what it says on the box ::

:: the ingredients ::

* again error! it's NOT the day cream but the NIGHT CREAM..sorry~;s ::
:: the texture::
I’m attracted to the slogan (is it slogan??;p)  - 'MOONLIGHT RADIANCE'..i mean is it really going to make me look radiance just like a moon??and my say 'NAY~not really~~' BUT i like what it does to my skin.  Awhh dear~this moisturiser really claim what is does not give me that moonlight radiance but it really make my skin looks smooth, brighter and better the next day. i just couldn't stop touching my face the next morning because it is so soft and supple.
*after 2 months of using it, i noticed that pore refined and skin texture seems better;)

Cons:: owh ya, i do have premature aging! and i need to do something asap! i start to notice frown lines on my forehead already..after almost 2 months of using it, it didn't see any difference it did to my frown lines. it stills there! Gosh~ i really want a tight and polish look especially at the forehead. i was expecting that at least it could reduce and fill in those 'natural' collagen on my forehead but nada~ so, i don’t expect miracle from this moisturizer to clear my frown lines except injecting BOTOX/COLLAGEN ...haha just kidding~ maybe pro-long used it can help to slow down aging process, isn’t not??

since both creams are in the jar type, thus i transfer it into pump bottle for hygiene purpose. this is to prevent from keeping dipping my fingers into the jar and might be spoiling the cream and transferring bacteria into it. Plus, i find using pump is convenient and doesn't waste much of the cream because i only need a pump and a half for the entire face

:: hygienic and convenient::

well, this is such a long post with lotsa pics~
so, i'm going to end my post here

till then,

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