August 18, 2009

::My Haul! (Note: Heavy Pics!)::

My spree has arrived while i was in Kuching and i immediately get my haul from my friend once arrived home yesterday, my long awaited make-ups!!


yup, i know~ it's a lot! but not lot enough..haha;p

i'm spreeing on NYX, ELF and La Femme blushes.i'm adding another collection of NYX Round l/s and l/g. this is also the first attempt to try on ELF brand and i must say, i'm quite impressed of the quality especially ELF Studio line (despite the fact it is manufactured at China). Plus, i get La Femme blushes which profoundly have great reviews on the quality and its pigment.

here's the swatches and my personal reviews:

:: NYX Round Lipstick ::

NYX Round L/s : (in no particular order) Herades, Mars, Indian Pink, Jupiter, Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, B52and Tea Rose

:: Swatches ::

This time, i bought 8 colours of NYX Round lippies...i'm such a sucker for NYX lippies now.hahaha;D

My favourite from this haul are *Pumpkin Pie (mispelled in the pic), Orange Soda and Tea Rose. i like the rest as well and for such a cheap price, this l/s is great for its quality and collection to be used for different type of occasions and mood. My new lippies ranged from nude tone, pink tone, red-brownish tone and when i thought i already had enough, actually i don't..hahaha i'm opting for red and purple-ish pink on my next spree.
My advice, if u r a lippy addict (like moi~), getting a lot of lipstick at once and unsure when to use what - always use brush when applying the l/s if u want it to have a long life and for hygenic reason. if u apply the l/s directly on your lip or do swatches, always wipe the top with tissue when u're done. this is to prevent bacteria or whatever microorganism hibernating or 'make a home' at your lippies;)

:: NYX Round Lipgloss and Lip Slim Pencil ::

:: Swatches::

Not only that, i like NYX Round l/g as well, thus, i bought it again during the spree.
The l/g goes smooth on lip and making it looks full, creamy and watery, which i like which gives my lip sorta plump and healthy look. Besides, its rather cheap as well. i'm loving all the colours!!it looks great to be used on its own or on top of my lipstick , i'm liking it!!

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - i'm getting pink and coral tone where most of my lippies are from this tone. It goes smooth on the lip and doesn't appear strong/vivid on the lip once the lipstick is fading off. i'm saying yes to this product!;D

:: La Femme Rouge On Blush ::

i got two of these - Peach Sparkle and Coral Spice. La Femme blushes are highly rave and receive good reviews from many beauty addicts. The texture is super fine and the colour is very pigmented which i LIKE! especially Peach Sparkle. Just a swipe of a brush will gives ample colour and healthy blush on the cheeks and the colour is also buildable depending on your tone preferences. However, not too much tho if u don't want to end up like a clown or boiling-hot-tempered face;p

For me, it's worth to buy and delivers a very good quality~ thumbs up!!

:: Swatches ::

:: ELF ::

:: Swatches ::

ELF Hypershine l/g is also one of the lippes i'm getting from the spree. For me, it delivers a great finish on the lip and the colour appears great on the lip. Very glassy finish on the lip, a bit sticky and have a vanilla-caramel-almond taste which taste like an ice cream for me. Despite the great finish, it doesn't last long on the lip but yet, i still like it for casual outing.;D

I like how Fairy appears and turns out on the lip, although the colour on the website it looks like a clear gloss but once i received and swatch it on the lip, it looks shimmery pink-ish and pretty...i like it!!

and yes, i intends to get more colours from this set!;D

I love all of iiiiiiitttttt!! Especially how the colours turn out on my skin. ELF Studion Golden Bronzer is the bomb!! Just a perfect bronzed for my fair complexion -just a swipe will give a perfect bronze and me like it~!!!However, it is a bit powdery which i have to give a blow/tap on the brush before applying it on my face. Definitely will get this again once i'm done with this one;DD recommended for fair skin!

ELF Healty Glow Bronzing powder - this one is also great for that healthy glow which i'm using for highlighting (not for bronzing as the colour is bright and a bit shimmery). Again, it is a bit powdery as well. all i can say, i'm liking this one as well..great highlighter with a fine quality for a cheap price;D will getting this one again in the future as well;D

ELF Natural Radiance Blush - i like how the colours turn out on my skin. Suitable for everyday looks and the colour is buildable as well. However, it's not long-lasting and not that very pigmented but like i say, the colour is buildable. For me, it just too powdery and suitable for make up beginners and blushes to play with.

ELF Shimmering facial whip - initially i want to get this one to mix with my foundation for the healthy glow, eyeshadow base and shimmer on face. i haven't tried it yet but i will do a review on this later.

::ELF & Coastal Scents Brushes::

Above: ELF Studio; Powder Brush, Complexion brush, Angled Foundation brush

Below: ELF Blushing, Bronzing and Blending brush, ELF Lip Defining brush, & CS Angle Brow Define Brush

I lurveee ELF Studio brushes especially the Powder brush! It is soooooo soft~ i just love how it feels when it touches my skin, doesn't have that poking-feels on my face. Complexion brush is great for bronzing, but not for blush as it it rather big and kinda flat. Angled foundation brush, well this one is okay for applying foundation but it tends to leave a brush-streak marks on the face. this can be solve by blending where i'm using Powder brush to blend and it leaves a great coverage and almost silky finish. Remember, to achieve a smooth finish..always blend your make up especially for face. Just so you know, i already placed an order for Powder brush (again) and othe ElF Studion line brushes;p

ElF Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush - this one is not good as the bristle is quite hard (feels like broom bristle) and feels like poking my face whenever i use it on my face, thus, i barely use it unless i have to. It's similar to cheap brush out there and for me, it is worth to get ELF Studio line brush if u opt for cheaper brush but great quality. this brush might be suitable for make up beginner before investing on quality brushes.( i might pass this brush to my sister anyway~)
ELF Lip Defining Brush - so far, it works just fine for me..for now. Not much i can say, it does its job - smoothen the lipstick colour on lips and blends quite well.
CS Angle Brow Define Brush - the bristle is so smooth and it is tiny~ it is suitable for eyebrow and eyeliner as well. I like it~ multipurpose..hehehe

::See how soft and shiny Elf Studio bristles are compare to ordinary ElF brush::

:: Swatches ::

My attempts to find an eyeliner that serves a great 'black' colour and easy to use tip.

NYX Felt Tip Liner 'Extreme Black' - the tip is kinda firm brush and easy to draw line depending on the preference thickness. its say it helpful for those who is beginning to liquid eyeliner as the pencil casing shape works for handling. for me, i don't rili like it. maybe because it is my hand (hahaha~). i can't really draw a bold and straight line which sumtimes frustrate me. not only that. the colour is not that really 'black' compare to ELF Liquid eyeliner. i like Elf liquid eyeliner better because of the colour (first) and the tip brush is soft-yet-firm, easy to use and sorta waterproof (no smudges or fading for long-hours)

Last but not least,

:: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm ; Almond Fudge ::

I like this lip balm for its natural ingredients, great taste and how soft it makes my lip looks. i apply it when my lip feels dry and its hydrate and moist my lips instantly and it lasts quite long as well. i use before i go to bed and the next morning, i can see that my lip looks smooth and great for lipstick application at the next day. me like it~ will definitely get this one again!!

So babes, hopefully my reviews and swatches does help if u intends to purchase the product(s) in the future.

Note: This blog post is taking four days to be written. Thus, this gives me ample time to review and response to the products' quality. I give my best efforts and time to take pictures, give clear swatches, editing, raving my own personal reviews and time to blog for this haul. Thus, i will be very pleased if u oblige to my all rights reserved;D

till then,



Lucy said...

just wondering, where did you buy the la femme blushes from? i've been looking them for ages...

♥ belle♥ said...

Hai Lucy,

You can get it from here:

hope that would help:)

♥ belle♥ said...

and here too!:)