August 10, 2009

:: My MAC -up ::

haha.. that's what my dear called my make up , 'MAC -up'...i guess he's used to my addiction now and understood my passion, which i'm proud of (not many guys understand woman lurve for make up, but he does~;D)

staying in miri gives me a hard time to get MAC since there is no available outlet here. So far in Borneo, there are only two MAC outlets available where one is in One Mall, Sabah and another one in The Spring, Kuching. so, i managed to get mine while i was studying in Kuching previously and a get-a-chance trip over there.

of course, MAC price is such a pain in the ass especially if u r unemployed like moi ( but yet to be employed;D) but the quality is priceless and worth it. however, a smart buyer will always find a substitute or dupe for it which offer a better price and similar quality (which for me is NYX brand;p).

My MAC are:

Studio Fix foundation - this gives me medium to full coverage and need brush to apply on face in order to achieve airbrush finish. btw, im NC20 and different type of MAC foundation have different shades so my suggestion if you want to try MAC's foundie, u have to go to the counter and let the MUA test it on your face first just to get the right shade. if i'm not mistaken, for other type of foundie (i forgot the name huhu), im, let's use this reason to hit the counter..hehe;p

Bain Visage face primer - control oilness on the T-zone and minimize pores. achieve a sleek and flawless look.

Line Filler - this is used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. it's great to cover up premature aging lines underneath the eye.

Mineralize blush - i have two blushes, Dainty and Hand Finish (from Colour Craft collection). Dainty is the bestselling and gives natural blush look. the colour is buildable depending on how bold/vivid you want to show it on your cheeks. Hand Finish is my favourite for highlights and similar to skinfinish. it has a sheen of gold which i use to highlight my cheeks, the brigde of the nose and lower chin. the colour is buildable as well but be careful, as it can caused that 'oily' look if over-use.i normally top my blush with Hand Finish to have that 3D looks at my cheeks.

MAC Lightful Ultracharge Foundation SPF 15 - my favourite face powder. it gives natural-medium coverage, fine textures and great for touch up also. however, i try not to apply it too much as it can gives me cakey look after long hours. way to solve it: blend it well when applying;p and i use brush to apply rather than the sponge.

so far, i only get mascara:

Mascara prep+prime: this one really great to achieve longer and fuller lash. i use it for lowerlash and it 'popped' out my lowerlash.

ZoomLash mascara: my only problem with this is its smudge and takes time to dry upon applying. however, the effects will definitely give u fuller, lenghty and separates the eyelash. my lash do look really fat and black. i use it for my lowerline as well and it does help as the tip of the wand is tiny and the effects similar to upperlash.

ProLash mascara: this is the recommended by professional MAC make up artist (MUA). for me, it separates the eyelash upon applying and gives me natural look. it doesn't clump and smudge. apply just once to achieve the natural look, and twice (or more;p) if want to achieve bold and dramatic eyelash. the best mascara for me so far (beside FASIO)~


Lip prep+prime: it works prior applying lipstick/lipgloss. it makes the colour stay for a long time and covers up fine lines on lip.

Lipglass: this one has a creamy texture and kinda sticky for me. it do give the glassy look and its long-lasting (due to the sticky texture). the colour is great on its own or top on any lipstick. i owned only two - Prrr and Virgin Kiss (from MAC Romance collection).

Lustreglass: i lUUuuurve lustreglass. it gives me glossy and watery finish lips. it is not too sticky as lipglass. however, the wand is a bit different, it's not like any typical lipgloss's like a brush( like LipIce lipgloss brand type of wand). but i believe, it's the secret to the glossy-watery look. i owned only one (tooOOooo bad~ will buy sumore nxt time ) - Pink Karat

Lipstain: i managed to get the one from MAC Romance collection which is Loving Touch. i used this when i'm so lazy to use lipstick/lipgloss as it is used to 're-colour' lip colour. i use this when my lips suddenly not to fancy me at the moment, which means, pale lips, reddish lips or brown lips. did anyone notice that our lip sometimes change its colour on certain weather, make up colours or after bath??? i do notice~;p

Lustre Lipstick: this is matte-creamy. not my favourite as it appears cakey sumtimes and does not glide smoothly. thanks to the colour, i save it for the last..i owned Way to Love (again from MAC Romance Collection

my only crave now is Plushglass lipgloss. i've tried it at MAC counters but i didn't get it and now, i'm regretting it~ darn it. Plushglass is used to give a plump look and 'bee-stung' kind of lips. it gives a sting sensation and helps to give a pouty lip.

okay babes, i'll try to do swatches for this on the next post especially for the blushes and the lippies stuff..

till then,

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