September 18, 2009

:: ELF Mineral Lipstick and CS Brush ::

:: HAUL::

Since ELF is giving 75% off for Mineral Lipstick, joined the spree (Malaysian Beauty Store) and ordered two colours which is Pouty Petal and Runway Pink. The normal price for this l/s is $5 , i dunno the actual price in RM but i got mine for RM7.20 after cheap is that!! (much cheaper than NYX Round lippies;p). It took about a month for it to arrive here at Malaysia. i received my parcel yesterday together with Coastal Scents brushes which i get from the same thread (in the ready stock).

however, one of the l/s was misplaced by ELF and i got different shade. thus the sellers asked wether i want a refund or change with the other colour which she had in the stock. but of course, i was already tormented when i find out that the shade that i want was wrong and to make myself happy, i choose other shade instead.hehe..and i chose Barely Bitten.

my 2cents: i like it. it's moisturizing and glide on my lips effortlessly and non cakey. the staying power isn't that bad as well and i noticed that my lips look smooth and i like how it feels, u didn't feel like y r wearing any lipstick at not smudges as well. however, the colour is not that pigmented but it's buildable colour. i need to appy like three to four times to make the colour stand out and vivid but unless, i want it to look natural on my lips thus once or twice application is enough. so far, no complaint...i think my lip look healthy using this lipstick, fine lines are not that if i am wearing lip balm;p

::the swatches::

im thinking of getting more shades and i really want Runway Pink so bad! fortunately, there is another thread at LYN still carry out this promotion so u girls check it out. It ends this week or after raya (not sure abt that yet) and the price is cheaper -RM7.10 (hehee..10cents cheaper;p)u can check out her thread - hubbyenny. Yup, i am getting another round of ELF Mineral l/s ;D
Next...i need eye brushes so bad~ the one the i owned now is Sonia Kashuk Essential 6 Brushes Kit which is wise for travelling. this is so pathetic..i am investing more on face brushes till i forgot abt eye shadow brushes (well, that was until i realised that i like to do eye makeup now;p but i'm lack of brushes, darn it!)

this is the brushes from the MBS ready stock:

Coastal Scents Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush , Coastal Scents Pink Blending Fluff Brush and Coastal Scents Pink Taklon Angle Liner

yup, it's PINK!! say, the bristle is soft and no poking feeling. im loving it and as a matter of fact, i managed to jump into bandwagon when MBS opening spree for CS 12% off earlier this month and im spreeing on brushes, and i can't wait for it to arrive..ahaha of course, im ordering Pink handled brushes;D However, the bristle have that kind of weird smell even after wash.but i hope the smell will subside after frequent wash..;S
now, forget abt's the review on each brush:

::Coastal Scents Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush - this one is perfect for eyelid. The bristle grabs the tight amount of colour and goes smooth, well application on the eyelid. i like it..great for overall eyeshadow application as well.

::Coastal Scents Pink Blending Fluff Brush - this brush is kinda weird, the bristle is too big for my eyes and im not sure it's right for blending. the moment i saw this brush, i tought it would be best use for face contouring..i mean the bristle is so huge for my eyes~ i will do futher exprimenting with this brush and see wether it's suitable for blending o not..

::Coastal Scents Pink Taklon Angle Liner - this is GREAT! it's worth to buy..the bristle if firm but yet still soft for eyeliner application.

honestly, im loving all the brushes because it's PINK and deliver more than what it's worth for~ plus, it is affordably cheap;p (each Pink eye brushes cost less than RM20 ;P, including the one im spreeing on;D)

till then,

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