August 23, 2010

:: STAGE -Nail polishes and Polish Remover ::

Hopefully i can  get this done,this post is about STAGE polishes and the polish remover which was recommended by the MUA..
:: Nail polishes and polish remover ::
:: Pretty, Delicious, Captivating ::
:: Pretty ::
:: Normal Light ::

my love~


My verdict::
Yes!! I'm loving the texture and the quality. True to its color and the application on nail is smooth. I love their nail polishes. However, the down side of its is it does not offer wide range of  color thus making choices limited.

Pretty is pearly pink sheer on the first coat, however, for the next two coats it comes out pretty decent.
Delicious is my favorite among all. Somehow , it like how its appear and looks on my hand and make my finger slightly longer nad slender. I like the peachy coral color;)
Captivating is a beautiful deep dark red. As can be seen from the pictures, it's another vampy shade and i like how it looks like in my toenails.

Now, the polish remover. This is my HG polish remover  for now. It done an amazing job and only need a swipe to take the color off. Amazingly! No hassle - which i like. The scent is nice and not to empowering like typical nail polish remover. The MUA was strongly advising me to get this and she said it is way better than the drugstore brand. Since it was RM10, i decided to get it, plus i was running out of polish remover atm.

Retail price is RM39 for nail polish and RM18 for the polish remover. But I got mine for RM10 each because i bought the item 'with purchase'.;) Great deal!!

I would definitely get more of the polishes and restock the remover before the sales end;)

ok, now i only have one more item from Stage to review - Opening Act Complexion Enhancer

till then,

August 19, 2010

:: STAGE Lippies (heavy pics!).::

STAGE Lipstick - There are few lines of lippies finish and I bought 2 of it which are Wonderluxe and Wonderlust lipstick and for this haul also, i got freebies which are the lip gloss and the lip liner.
SO, let the pictures and swatches do the justice..may i?;)

 For this, I bought three lippies and they gave me one free..I had a hard time choosing the shade because some of the shades look similar or dull or boring or 'meh'. For me, i find the selection of color is limited. But it depends on some people, i prefer those that are pinky-peach, nude and MLBB;)

So, here are those...

:: Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus, Apricot Angel ::

:: Naughty Nude &Blushing Beau ::
:: Lush Lotus & Apricot Angel ::
Above (L-R) : Naught Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus
Below: Apricot Angel

Clockwise order starting from first picture on the left:
Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Apricot Angel & Lush Lotus

Here's my 2cents:
actually, i don't like the finishing of the's sort of matte but not matte and's like a MAC lustre finish. It left a residue at the end of the day so i'm not really liking it. 

Naughty Nude is a bit sheer and not that 'nude'
Blushing beau - sometimes i like the shade, sometimes i don't like it because it makes my lip looks so pale 
Lush Lotus - beautiful pink, definitely suitable for work..i pair this with l/g to cover the drying finish
Apricot Angel - i thought this was a peach color, but then it's a bit of orange and pink.

Retail price : RM48...i got mine during sales for  RM24, Buy 3 Free 1;)


:: Normal Lighting :::
:: with Flash ::
:: Swatch on lip ::
This is LOVE! It's a very pretty color and it's cream finish which provides moisture and soften my lips. I love this~ think gonna restock this before it's back to normal price again;)

Only Wonderlust lippies are given name such as Diana, Jeniffer, Sandre, Helen etc.

I prefer getting this compare to Wonderluxe because of the creamy texture and its moisturizing effect.

Retail Price: RM48...I got this during sales for RM27.50 ( a bit pricier than Wonderluxe )

:: Freebies -  LIPGLOSS & LIP LINER ::
:: Nearly Naked ::
:: Lipgloss - GAIA::


Top - Nearly Naked (lip liner)
Bottom -  Gaia (Lip Gloss)

:: GAIA l/g ::

The lip liner and the lip gloss are amazing! When the MUA asked me to choose the shade that i want, i immediately choose these two shades because it's look lovely~ 

I need nude lip liner since i don't have that actually look 'Nude' and i find that using lip liner can define lip better and create natural pout.

As for the lip gloss, initially i was interested with another shade but then again, i own few nudes l/g already so i decided to get Gaia since the colour looks natural pink and close to lip colour but better~ 
Awh yes, this is shade is AMAZING!! I love this l/'s doesn't have that sticky and yucky taste which is another thumbs up;) I like the l/g!

ANd luckily i got both for FREE~!!

Sorry, I don't remember the actual price for both products;/

So, before i end the post's a lip color combining three lip products from STAGE that i like:
Lip Liner - Nearly Naked
L/s -  Audrey (Wonderlust)
L/g - Gaia

I love how it turned out~ super duper nice shade!!;)

till the next 'STAGE' post,

August 16, 2010

:: STAGE Haul~ (Eyeshadow n blushes bit of the reviews)!!::

STAGE...the new make up line by  Alliance Cosmetic Group. Here's a bit info about Alliance Company:
"The Alliance Cosmetic Group is a leading distributor of cosmetics and personal care products with regional interests in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and the Asean region.

Brand portfolio under the Alliance umbrella includes Revlon cosmetics, Revlon haircolor, René Furterer Hair Institute, Avené skincare, Elancyl bodycare, Silkygirl cosmetics, Silkygirl fragrances, Silky for Men fragrances, Silky Lips, Silky White, Silky Care, and more.

The Alliance Cosmetic Group launched homegrown brand Silkygirl in June 2005, adding new excitement to the landscape of color cosmetics in the mass retail market. Silkygirl offers a complete range of high quality, value for money color cosmetics targeting the young mass market. Silkygirl is now marketed at over 1,500 cosmetics counters in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Following the success of Silkygirl and Revlon, the Alliance Cosmetic Group enters the world of premium professional color cosmetics with homegrown brand STAGE, a service oriented retail concept, catering to the discerning market with upscale superior products. With an in-depth understanding of the color cosmetics industry and extensive insight into the minds of Malaysian women, Alliance Cosmetic Group and STAGE promise to awe and enthrall the retail scene in Malaysia & beyond."
 - source from Google

I still remember when Stage was opened here in Miri. I was a bit skeptical as looking at the shop which such a professional environment and i have to say that the shop looks like MAC outlet because of the black and white colour and bold font. Thus,I was a bit hesitate to enter the shop until recently...

At first, I thought I just want to look around and have take a look at the products and the prices. Well, I must say I am actually dumb-founded  because it has amazing products to term of price wise, it affordable if need to compare to MAC (however, MAC still worth to get and #1 for me;) ) And what makes me craving for the products at the time, well.. all of the items are on sale up to 50% until Raya..OMG!! now, who could resists that?!! It was calling out my name...loudly! The blushes are really, i wandered around the shop and preparing my list for the second visit..hehe

It does not take long for my second visit. I could not stop thinking about the blushes whole night. Thus, on the next day (or is it the another day??emmm...) I went there and here's the damage...
::STAGE  - the damages~::
This is what i get :
- 4 eyeshadows
- 5 lipsticks
- 2 blushes
- 3 nail polishes
- 1 lipliner
- 1lipgloss
- 1 make up base
- 1 nail polish remover

and all of these just costs me RM299..well, after discounts. Before discounts, all of it costs RM700++. So, worth it right?!!enough damage already..

For this post, I am going to share the eyeshadow and blushes..
:: From L to R - Wildflower, Macchiato, Irish Cream, Andalucia ::

::Closer Look::
:: Irish Cream ::
:: Andalucia ::
:: Macchiato ::
:: Wildflower ::
 ::From Lto R  - Macchiato, Andalucia, Irish Cream, Wildflower::

I swatches using two eye primers which are UDPP and ELF eye primer. As can be seen from the picture, the colour does not stand out if it is wear on its own. Definitely need to use base to make the color pop. The color was not that pigmented and it does not stay long as it is a bit powdery. But it depends on which colour and the texture, for example, i swatched "Buttercream' at the shop and it was very disappointing because it is very powdery. This four shades are actually among the good one and really pop when i swatched at the shop. 

Andalucia - Bronze brown, very pretty and really pop! I like this color
Macchiato  -dark brown , nice for that neutral smokey brown
Irish cream - sheer golden brown, give that awakening look ..i like this one, very pretty for everyday wear;)
Wildflower - bluish-purple..i love this shade, very pretty...

Will i get more of the e/s?Yup, there's a few beautiful neutral tones if they still offer a discount ;)
Retail price :RM45..i got mine after discount: RM22.50, buy 3 free 1 ;)

STAGE Blushes
:: Pink Ginger & Freesia ::
:: Finger swatch - Pink Ginger ::
:: Finger swatch  - Freesia ::  

::  Swatches  - Freesia n Pink Ginger ::
::Another swatches!::
The powder blush has 10 colors to offer. Actually all the colors look amazing individually. Pigmentation wise is so-so, but it's buildable and not that powdery. But not good as MAC tho~ n compare to this, I prefer NYX better..just my thoughts~

Freesia - peachy pink tone
Pink Ginger  - mute pink

But anyway,it's a good-to-have considering i get it during sales, so i am not complaining much;)
Retail at RM58 (actual price) and i got mine for RM29!! I Love it!!

so, i'll continue with my further items soon..

till then,

August 15, 2010

:: Skinfood - Acorn Jelly Mask Reviews ::

As I promised, I am back and I am excited to share about another favorite mask from Skinfood which is Acorn Jelly Mask. is a jelly-ish texture and for me, it's different but something new for me.

This mask was recommended by the SA  and she said most of the return customers gave good feedback about this mask and it's always running out of stock. At the time, i noticed there were only 3jars left on the rack compare to other masks.

According to her, the mask is good for oily skin, can reduce blackhead and whitehead, reduce pores size, dry acne and remove dead skin cells thus making skin looks smooth and polished.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "A mask that effectively tightens oil-clogged enlarged pores and exfoliates layers of dead skin cells with powdered acorns from Jiri-mountain" 

:: the ingredients ::
:: the jelly-ish texture..remind of jelly/pudding::
:: mini spoon to scoop the product..very convenient and hygenic::
:: looks yum-yum...hehe::
:: put it on hand and apply it on face..tada~~::

Yup, the texture is so amazing and actually using the mask is easy. It only need a minute, i emphasize ONE MINUTE only then rinse it. That's it! According to the SA, she doesn't encourage to let the mask on face for too long (more than a minute), scared that it will be too strong and do harm, instead of giving benefits. So, doesn't that mean the ingredients are too strong or efficient?? oh, i was influenced to give it a try since they were only 3 jars left and the SA looks so convincing, plus she guarantee it! oh well~~

Ok,so here is my 2cents:-
I'm using this mask twice a week. Yes, it is very easy to use and plus, it only takes a minute.For me, it saves a lot of time and i no need to wait. Well, that's a good thing right?!! Worry of could not feel the mask is working? Gosh, even a minute, i actually can feel that tingling sensation and can feel the mask is working. The tingling sensation is actually a bit of painful and i could not wait wash it off but still can be endure tho~ ;)

My mistake for the first time using it was, i used a lot of the products, two scoops...and i waste a lot of products. One scoop is all it takes and it can cover my face and my neck. 

It's been a month now, and i can say that the product actually serves quite good:
reduce pores size - my pores not getting smaller but actually it looks clean and hence, make it looks less visible
reduce blackhead and whitehead - not really, i can still see blackhead especially on my nose tho 
reduce oily skin - yup!!! i can feel my skin stay matte for a long hours the next day and last until midday..ain't it awesome?!!
dry pimple - not drying but it control zits. maybe because it reduces oil on face,hence, control zit.
remove dead skin cells -  yup! i can see my face became polished,clean and actually make my skin clearer and looks brighter.
price wise  - it's a bit expensive for me, retail price is RM63.90..however, since the product serves a good quality and benefits, i am not complaining;)

last but not least, it's a good buy and Skinfood skincare products are just amazing. 
I can't wait to share another Skinfood masks which i purchased last week, and it is AWESOME!!

till the next post,

August 6, 2010

:: Skinfood - Mask!::

Ok, before I'll go for a short hiatus..i would like to share my HG masks from Skinfood products. I was introduced to this brand by my friend after she asked me to try the facial mask sheet. I still remembered my first mask which is Snow Tea Mask Sheet and I must say, the first experience was amazing. So i returned to the shop as one happy customer, made few purchases of their mask and I've found that Skinfood's masks are beyond amazing and have made some as my HG mask. I'll always return to restock my favorite masks and check out new stuffs. Once, i was never bother about the shop but now, it is one of my 'pit-stop'.
Ok, so here's a few of my HG masks so far.

 1. Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet
[click on the picture to enlarge]
This is for oily skin and to treat Acne-prone skin. I'm using this mask once or twice a week depending on my skin condition. This is a MUST purchase for me. What I like about this mask sheet? OMG, not only it reduce oily skin but it helps to reduce pimple and stop pimple from becoming worst. How can i tell it's good? Well, a week ago it was a super busy week that i didn't follow my skincare regime well and not to mention, my skin started to break out and there was lots of small zits on my forehead, chin and jaw line. So, i put on this mask at night and leave it on my face for 30 minutes (i know it's exceeding the time limits but it smells so niiiiiccceee just like peach and it's such a waste to throw it away when it's still 'wet' with all the essence). The next morning, i can see the zits disappear and heal and my skins was so smooth and not that oily anymore. It also make make-up application looks natural and 'absorb' to the skin well.
I don't remember how much it is precisely but i think it's around RM11-12. It's a bit expensive because it's an essence and each mask session equals to one bottle of essence, as what they have claimed..

2. Snow Tea Mask Sheet
This is for whitening effect, reducing spot and make skin supple and smooth. At first I thought I doesn't need it since my skin is already fair enough. But then, my friend persuaded me to give this is a try and she keep on complimenting everything about this mask. So..i gave it a try. 
This is my first mask trial from Skinfood. My 2cents, i don't see my skin gettting fairer but it's make dull skin appears brighter and refresh. And yes, i couldn't stop touching my face after using the mask. It really makes my skin smooth and supple. I like how it felt on skin the next morning after i wake up, it's awesome!
Not only that, it last for few days and make make-up application easier and looks natural on face. I was so surprised putting make up become effortless that i don't need thick foundation but instead i use BB creams and it stays on well.
I've bought this mask sheet for my friend and she's also loving it and we have the same thought on this mask.So, that's mean that this mask is well-deserved for a round of applause for its quality..Yayyy!!;))

This mask costs RM8.90..;)

3.  Shea Butter Foot Mask
Ok, even a foot also have a mask. I was skeptical about this mask at first because i doubt how it is used on foot. So, the seller told me that it's looks like a sock and you can walk and do house chores while using this mask. At the time, i was having a very bad cracked heel due to standing for long hours and walking here and there all the times and i never bother about my heels until i noticed few cracked lines already show up. I was panicked and i don't want to have grandma heels and that dirty look cracked heels so i used pumice stone, apply cream and do whatever i can to reduce and make it disappears. The result was not that satisfying and last temporarily then it comes back again.
So, that is when i decided i give this mask a shot. Yes, it looks like a sock and u wear it like one. I leave it on my foot for about 30 minutes or until it becomes dry that all the liquid absorbed well. 
the result, well..tada, AMAZING!! No more cracked heels but smooth and baby soft foot. It lasts for a week and yes, i was so happy that i don't feel embarrass about my foot anymore. I used this once a month to treat my foot.
The mask costs RM13.90.

So, these are my three top HG mask sheets from Skinfood products. .
And last but not least,
I'll be reviewing about this mask soon and yes, it's also my HG mask! This one need a proper review because it is so gooood.
ATTENTION:: I am  not paid or given the masks by the company to do this review. This post is my honest reviews about this masks and to share my with you my favorite products. All the masks were bought with my money.

Till then,