July 24, 2011

:: Shisem Nail Polish..could be another favorite??::

I find myself was really into nail polishes lately . Every month I will get new nail polishes and since i discovered Nailfiesta , I am glad that this website is here and buying OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Zoya, Misa, Seche Vite etc is not troublesome anymore and they offer very affordable price,half the price of the local market. Here OPI can costing to RM60 per bottle but nailfiesta only selling aroung RM30-ish which is very affordable. Alright, to cut the long story short..here's a new nail polish brand I found in local mall today, Parkson. It's not a very famous or high-end brand, I knew about this nail polish from LYN before but never bother to get it because the color that i wanted has always OOS.

To see this nail polish at the local shop made me kind of ga-ga and i was contemplating whether to get it or not. Few of the shades that I want are all there and they were offering a very good price which is per bottle RM7.80, buy 3 bottles for RM20 (LYN is selling RM12 per bottle)

What nail polish I'm talking about?? ...Shisem!! ( Have you heard of this nail polish? anyone?)

:: A103, M50,C358::

peachy nude colour 
-nice nude shade:)

:: 1 coat, no base coat and top coat::
:: 2 coats::
:: 3 coats with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat::

- sheer juicy pink-red
:: 1 coat, no base and top coat::
:: 2 coats, no base and top coat::
:: 3 coats - no base and top coat applied::
- Rose pink-mauve shade
:: 1 coat, no base and top coat applied::
::2 coats, no base and top coat applied::
:: 3 coats, no top and base coat applied::
:: Small Reviews::

Surprisingly and Amazingly, i am astounded by the quality and i was thinking of getting more after this. It is creamy, nice shine once applied, non hassle application -not streaky, and very smooth application. Even without the top coat, it still shiny and what more to say if u applied one?? hehe

However, the color of the bottle is not true to the shades once it painted on nails. After 2 days, it starts to chip.

If you are one of nail polish lovers, don't hesitate to try this for such an amazing quality and affordable prize, why not? :)

Till the next post,

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Naomi T-B-J said...

I've been trying to find where you buy this brand! Where did you find it and how much was it? If you could, my email is nbradleyjean@gmail.com

Thanks so much!