July 20, 2010

:: NYX and REVLON mini haul::

NYX have a few new products and new shades in some of their product. I was delighted when i found out there is a new shade for their powder blush which is good for another additional shade to the family and lip pencil.

From left to right:
I've bought 3 lip pencils in 3 new shades which are Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Pink and Pale Pink.

And their new powder blush shade in 'Pinched'. NYX blushes are great deal and offer a very good option of shades and it's worth  to get  if need to compare to high-end brand. and i already own a few blushes from NYX and my faves are Natural (my HG~!!) and Angel;)

:: NYX Powder Blush 'Pinched'::
Honestly, the color is very pretty ..it's almost comparable to Nars Deep Throat or MAC Dainty mineralize blush.
It's corally-pink with a bit of shimmer.
:: NYX Lipliner Pencil::
 There are 7 new shades of lip liner and it's amazing how NYX is aware of the current color trend, most of the shades are in pink, neutral and nude tone. I grabbed this three shades since it would be suitable for neutral and pink l/s.
:: Swatches - Pinched, Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Pink & Pale Pink ::

Limited Edition
Look's like Revlon is also starting to release their own brand of collection and and it shows that they are trying to competing with other high-end brands. i must say, their products are getting better and i gradually loving it. So, i was delighted when i saw this collection is available at the local drugstore, Guardian. I knew immediately i must get my hand on this collection;)

Unfortunately, not all the shades of the l/g and nail polish is available so I was kind of disappointed a bit but at least there is a shade that i want which is the l/g in 'Peach Petal' (fyi, only three shades available which are the other two are Firecracker and Coral Reef..i really want Lilac Pastel and Pink Pop). i kind of sad that i could not find 'Lilac Pastelle' and 'Gray Suede' nail polishes .
But fret not,  i found the Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Enamel in Gum Drop instead.Probably it would be the same colour version but the shade is lilac-purplish-with slight blue-gray hue and it's scented - smells like a bubblegum when it is dried and last for few days tho~ seriously. and i like it the fact that it smell different than normal scent of nail polishes. i am HAPPY alas!;) well, at least...
:: Peach Petal n Gum Drop ::
:: swatches of Peach Petal::
::Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Enamel in Gum Drop::
:: swatches - daylight and w/ flash::
*i paint it kinda ugly..so forgive me, i was too hasty so that's explain it is straying all over to the cuticle;p
The color is beautiful especially if u r lilac-lover but the downside of it is, i have to apply three coats to achieve that shade as seen in swatches. It's streaky and too sheer for the first two application and to get the pastel consistency, i have to apply at least three coats. 

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