July 21, 2010

:: HUNT - BB cream??::

I'm looking for a REALLY good BB cream which i can wear daily because i think wearing foundation everyday is not good for the skin and it's kind of heavy. and i noticed my face is 'suppressed' already using foundation almost everyday, night and day..I already owned TFS BB cream but it's suck~ the coverage is too sheer and my face get oily after 4 hours. i use it occasionally since it is my only BB cream and i need something better than this. Now, i'm on the hunt to find a good BB cream..

I need a help to find the 'Perfect' BB cream which fits to these criteria:
- Medium to full coverage
- feel light and not heavy/cakey on face
- not oily/ control oil or better, matte formula
-no shimmer or luminous effect because i have oily skin
-natural ingredients
- suit for acne prone skin
- whitening and anti-aging/reduce wrinkles
-good spf
-of course, the shade is still closer to skintone color before and even after oxidise

i'm thinking of getting either Skinfood or Missha..
Or is there any better BB creams?

i really love/appreciate it if u can drop a comment and share your thoughts;)..

till then,

July 20, 2010

:: NYX and REVLON mini haul::

NYX have a few new products and new shades in some of their product. I was delighted when i found out there is a new shade for their powder blush which is good for another additional shade to the family and lip pencil.

From left to right:
I've bought 3 lip pencils in 3 new shades which are Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Pink and Pale Pink.

And their new powder blush shade in 'Pinched'. NYX blushes are great deal and offer a very good option of shades and it's worth  to get  if need to compare to high-end brand. and i already own a few blushes from NYX and my faves are Natural (my HG~!!) and Angel;)

:: NYX Powder Blush 'Pinched'::
Honestly, the color is very pretty ..it's almost comparable to Nars Deep Throat or MAC Dainty mineralize blush.
It's corally-pink with a bit of shimmer.
:: NYX Lipliner Pencil::
 There are 7 new shades of lip liner and it's amazing how NYX is aware of the current color trend, most of the shades are in pink, neutral and nude tone. I grabbed this three shades since it would be suitable for neutral and pink l/s.
:: Swatches - Pinched, Peekaboo Neutral, Nude Pink & Pale Pink ::

Limited Edition
Look's like Revlon is also starting to release their own brand of collection and and it shows that they are trying to competing with other high-end brands. i must say, their products are getting better and i gradually loving it. So, i was delighted when i saw this collection is available at the local drugstore, Guardian. I knew immediately i must get my hand on this collection;)

Unfortunately, not all the shades of the l/g and nail polish is available so I was kind of disappointed a bit but at least there is a shade that i want which is the l/g in 'Peach Petal' (fyi, only three shades available which are the other two are Firecracker and Coral Reef..i really want Lilac Pastel and Pink Pop). i kind of sad that i could not find 'Lilac Pastelle' and 'Gray Suede' nail polishes .
But fret not,  i found the Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Enamel in Gum Drop instead.Probably it would be the same colour version but the shade is lilac-purplish-with slight blue-gray hue and it's scented - smells like a bubblegum when it is dried and last for few days tho~ seriously. and i like it the fact that it smell different than normal scent of nail polishes. i am HAPPY alas!;) well, at least...
:: Peach Petal n Gum Drop ::
:: swatches of Peach Petal::
::Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Enamel in Gum Drop::
:: swatches - daylight and w/ flash::
*i paint it kinda ugly..so forgive me, i was too hasty so that's explain it is straying all over to the cuticle;p
The color is beautiful especially if u r lilac-lover but the downside of it is, i have to apply three coats to achieve that shade as seen in swatches. It's streaky and too sheer for the first two application and to get the pastel consistency, i have to apply at least three coats. 

till then,

:: Finally..MAC In The Groove is here!!::

Ok, the title definitely explain it all..my fiancee come back for a short trip due to work duty and he bring along the goodies i've been craving for..i really can't wait for another month! so, cut the crap and here it is..

Top:: MAC MSF 'Stereo Rose' and 'By Candlelight'
Below:: MAC MSFN in Medium  and Powder Blush 'Melba'

I'm am so happy that i can get Stereo Rose and it is mine, the color is very pretty and i love it on cheeks..and By Candlelight is so nice as a highlighter although there is a slight pink hue. However,the shimmer can be so intimidating sometimes, so i prefer to use both lightly using duo fibre brush/skunk brush.

but honestly, Stereo Rose is one worth buying from the collection. and seeing it on make my hand is just surreal~

 MSF in Medium is as a restock and powder blush 'Melba' - i was torn apart between Peaches and Melba. It's quite hard purchasing something that u can't test the color first. I want to try Melba since it is matte and warm peaches color.

 :: Swatches ::
*sorry..it supposed to be MSF, not MSFN..
:: finger swatch::
Stereo Rose (left) and By Candlelight (right)
so, gotta end the post here..the picture will do the justice..

till next time,

July 12, 2010


Another collection from MAC, too bad I am trying my best to hold my temptation not to get anything from the collection. However, I am interested in getting the MSFN - 'By Candlelight' (since i missed that out from the Warm and Cozy Collection) and Petticoat. My friend called me yesterday and informed that the collection is launced on the day. But of course, how can i go to MAC when my state is far from the counter, in other word, there is NO Mac counter here yo! Really really BAD!!

July 4, 2010

:: Sleek Storm Divine Palette & NYX Champange and Caviar swatches::

I've heard a lot of raves about Sleek eye palette and it is UK brand. So, MBS was running a spree for SleekMakeup and i took a chance to get one for myself. All the palette looks promising and nice but I had my eye glued to Storm Divine because it has better shades to offer and i like palette can give me better options if I'm about to use one..

::the ingredients::

 :: Sleek Storm i-Divine palette::
(i try my best to capture picture to show the true color and these are the closest one)
  :: Finger swatch::
:: swatches according to the color order on the palette::

It's super pigmented (as can be seen on the pics) and I am in love with the palette. It's worth it!! I strongly recommend this palette!:) I bought this during spree for RM47.40..affordable, nuff said!

::NYX Champagne and Caviar ::
still remember this post?  which i had mentioned about the bestseller NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow palette which i want. well, i present to you that is the ONE that i am talking about! I am one happy girl that finally i can get my hand on this;)
Why it is the bestseller? See for yourself..
::under normal daylight::
:: with flash::
 ::the swatches  -according to the order of the palette::

this is the best palette if u want to get one from NYX..it's suitable for day look, night look, smokey, natural...shimmer or matte,all are in one palette! I grab this palette more often compare to the other three NYX palette that i already own..i really like this palette. I suggest using UDPP or primer to make the color stand out and lasts..

You can refer this post, if u want in an depth review by me about NYX 10 Eyeshadow palette;)

till then,

:: Drugstore Haul ::

Just a mini haul, Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup, Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad and Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo.
 :: Amethyst Smokes and Natural Smokes::
  I found out about this special edition quad from here and here. I heard few reviews saying that this quad is amazing and good. I was tempted and immediately try out. FYI, this quad is not available here in Malaysia. I though i want to wait till it releases here but it's been way too long already (mind u, i was agitated)..thus, i decided to get it from drugstore.com. There are four types of quad for this edition which are Natural Smokes, Charcoal Smokes, Amethyst Smokes and Emerald Smokes and the latest, two new quads which are Sapphire Smokes and Plum Smokes ( which still not available at drugstore.com)

I like this quad because it sounds smokey and it's tempting! the colors offered are good and beautiful. however, it is not that pigmented and it fades easily especially if u have an oily eyelid like mine, so good base or primer is a way to enhance the color and make it lasts a bit longer. Also, the textures can be chalky especially the brow bone (the white one) but some of the reviews said that not all quad is chalky, its depending on the quad you are getting. Unfortunately,for both quad the white one is the one that chalky..what a coincidence~ The rest are fine;)
Regarding the price wise, i got both during BOGO and it's quite cheap, 2 for RM46.61 and price for one quad is RM28.74..quite a bargain huh~~?? hehe

::Amethyst Smokey:: 
    ::nice purplish smokey::
::Natural Smokey:

 i love this shades~ suitable for day look
:: sorry~ the flash light is too bright...still sucks at taking pics;/::
::Amethyst Smokey quad..can u see the difference with and without UDPP??::
 Overall, will i get it again?? Yeessss!!

It's a creme to powder formula. I have not try this one yet but i can't wait to. I remember there was one review lemming on this because it acts as a concealer, foundation and powder..it's medium-heavy coverage but yet feel lightweight on face. Emmm..can't say much yet since i have not try this one out. i'll be reviewing about this again soon and see how it is.
:: come together with a sponge under the compact (the flash is too bright, sorry for that again. it's a white sponge::

This is once was my HG for deep cleansing shampoo which i used once a week, after swimming at a pool or heavy hairdo. This shampoo never failed me and I always have this product with me. But after it was 'discontinued' (since i cannot found it anymore;( ) here in our local favorite drugstore, Watson and Guardian...i turned to Redken Deep Cleasing shampoo (which is also my HG!). 

Why it is my HG?? After using It, my hair feels light and not greasy, less oily. And it makes my daily shampoo and hair products work better! It smells nice and clean..I still remember my friend complimented my hair,like i say, it makes my daily shampoo and hair products work better. I normally used this once a week and follow by hair mask to allow the hair gets all the nourishment it needed. It just like scrubbing your face to clean the residue and mask to make sure the nutrients are absorbed well. Well, this is my secret!

Since I ran out of  Redken Deep Cleasing shampoo, I've bought a few deep cleansing shampoo but not as good as Neutrogena or Redken. I can only purchase Redken from local online stores or go to KL (mind u, i'm from Borneo..hardly to get Redken products here;/) So, where did i find it? at drugstore.com.i have to purchase it online and i'd glad i manage to found it again and i was surprised that it's bigger than i have bought before..perhaps the volume? but nevermind..I'm happy i found this again;)) it just like a long lost found love~
::click on the picture to enlarge::

thank u for reading such a long dreading post..hehe

so till then,

July 2, 2010

:: Nail Polishes : China Glaze and Elianto::

Ok,here's my latest obsession..lately I am so crazy about nail polishes,like seriously! i couldn't take my eyes off from those bright and yummy colors..it's intrigued me~!!

And i want to show my 'pathetic' collections of nail polishes and let u know my favorites!;)
::L-R (All CG): Diva Bride, Innocence, Exceptionally Gifted, Sexy Lady, Afterglow, IV, V, Love Letter::
:: L-R: CG Liquid Leather, CG Branding Iron, CG Ruby Pump, OPI Passion, OPI Chocolate Mousse, Essie True Love, Essie Eternal Optimist, CG Matte Magic Top Coat::

ELIANTO (Korean Brand) *Malaysian Brand
*Edited as in 17.10.10 : After the head-up by one of my reader and further research from Google, it is assured that Elianto is a Malaysian Brand, however due to some of the products are manufactured from Korea, thus the features are likely to resemble some Korean products out there.
 :: I WANT MORE!!::

:: L-R : Transparent, Platinum Pearl, Bisque, Peach, Thistle, Turquoise, Sky Blue::
:: L-R: Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Shimmer Violet, Grape Violet, Dark Violet, Persian Indigo (Sparkling Diva Nail Colour)::

My Faves and a few that i used most:
CG Branding Iron - once that i love Vampish nail colour and love this on toenails)
CG Afterglow - normally i used this on top of other nail polish for the 3D look...it's glowy)
CG Innocence  - gives that healthy look on nail..perfect for base for French Manicure, well..for me)
ESSIE Eternal Optimist -  I HEART this to the core!!! It's nude pinkish-mauvey look which makes my fingers slender..and the liquid consistency is amazing..no STREAKY even on first application...seriously, i LOVE this!
Elianto Bisque - this one is my-finger-but-better..hehe it matched with my skin tone and it's a perfect nude, it's my 'Mannequin Hand/Nail shade;)
Elianto Thistle - I couldn't believe this LILAC color actually looks pretty good on my nails..since then, i heart LILAC nail polishes and intend to get more ..I already eyeing a fews from CG already;)
Elianto Grape Wine  - I used this a lot before I got CG Branding Iron since, like i said, i was into bloody red or vampish nail color before..but this one, i have to apply few coats to achieve that desired look;) so that's explained why it's already half a bottle. Oh ya, my sister loves it too!

Swatches?? Well, i'll post a picture if i'm using one..

but not going to disappoint u, so i'll leave u with a few swatches which i took before;)

::Essie Eternal Optimist::
:: Elianto Thistle::
:: Elianto Bisque, top with CG Afterglow::

that's all now,

till then,

July 1, 2010

:: ELF - E/s element and STUDIO Blush Swatches ::

For this haul, i got myself the element compact, the element e/s and ELF Studio new shade of blushes.
:: ELF Element Custom Compact, ELF Studio Blushes and ELF e/s & Face elements::
:: ELF element e/s from L - R: Moondust, Golden Glow, Mocha & Bronzed (face element) ::

the size of the element is so small, almost the same as 50cents coin.
:: Left to right - Moondust, Mocha, Golden Glow and Bronzed ::

Moondust- charcoal brown with slightly grey hue
Mocha - Frosty Brown, ppl said it's a dupe for Mac Satin Taupe e/s, i doesn't own one, so i dunno the colour comparison;)
Golden Glow - yellowish golden
Bronzed - Orangy brown, but it has slight shimmer . .not sure if it's suitable to contour or to bronze because i preferred matte since i have oily skin..

My 2cents: The colors are so-so pigmented unless if using UDPP as a base/primer ,as can be seen from the swatches above and it's slightly chalky so it needs proper blending. I would getting these again for few more colors and I still have one empty compact. I bought two compact initially because i have few make up pans which i thought would fit the compact but it can't. Gonna get few more elements, any recommendation??

::ELF Studio Blushes::
:: Gotta Glow, Fuchsia Fusion, Pink Passion::

:: Gotta Glow - sheer glow which for highlight and give a subtle sheen of glow for cheek or highest point on face::
::Fuchsia Fusion - berryish with a bit of pinkish and glitter. the color is very nice but the glitter could be a little turnoff and not suitable for day look.::
::Pink Passion - true pink.I LOVES this color..::

:: Finger swatches: Pink Passion, Fuchsia Fusion, Gotta Glow..ya,it's look a lil bit chalky::
:: Pink Passion (like i said earlier, it's Pretty!!), Fuchsia Fusion (noticed the glittery spec??) , Gotta Glow (a sheer glow)::

My 2cents:: It's an another additional shades for the ELF Studio Blushes. Somehow i think it's mimicking NARS blushes in some sort of way for e.g Pink Passion for Desire, Fuchsia Fusion for Angelika because of the glittery specs and Gotta Glow for Albatross. I'm not sure if it is an excellent dupe for those but ELF blushes are nice and affordable ($3 and and i got mine during sales spree for R15.50, normal price is around RM19 - 20+ )somehow, i thinks it's a bit chalky and i had to swipe few times to make the color stand out for the swatches. 
again, it's good to have especially if you are so into blushes like me and good additional to blushes family;)

till then,