June 27, 2010

::Revlon Colorburst Lipstick::

So I get this two lippies yesterday at local drugstore, Watson. I've been eyeing this lippies since last month and my heart is beating harder everytime i read other blogger raves how great these lippies are. So, to fulfill this desire of mine..i grabbed two of the shades which are Soft Nude and Peach.
:: Peach and Soft Nude::
First, I likes the casing,it looks so sophisticated and elegant. And the tube cap has a color shade on top it so it is easier to identify the color if it's in the bunch of lippies.
Then, i likes to word 'Revlon' is engraved on the lippies..i'm not sure why but personally i thinks it cool;)
::swatches:: Soft Nude, Peach ::
Soft nude - mute shade of pink, looks nice on the hand swatch but looks dead on my lip..have to top it with gloss. For me, i think i would use this for smokey look or heavy eye make up but not for everyday looks or on its own..definitely No-No for me!
Peach - looks sheer in the picture but actually, it looks coral on lip.suitable for work;p
::swatches on lip - Peach (top), Soft Nude (bottom)::

What I think of it?? Emm..
shades?well there is a wide selection and i like there are various shade to choose from. 
Pigmentation? it is pigmented...no doubt. 
Texture?  it feels light on the lip,no yucky taste or feel heavy. it glides smoothly upon application
Lasting? not sure yet about the staying power but it's a lipstick..so what do u expect??
i like it?? emmm..ya~ 
getting it again? maybe..i'm thinking of 'Blush'. 
Overall? good for another addition to lippies family;) U never know when u going to grab it..hehe it will be there in one of those days;)

so, before i end it here..gonna leave u with this smacker
:: Revlon Colorburst in Soft nude with MAC Florabundance l/g...it makes my lip pouty like a 'bee-stung'::

till then,

June 22, 2010

:: Help!! My brush is bleeding.....::

As part of hygienic routine, i will wash my make up brushes once a week with mild baby shampoo/MAC brush cleanser/ELF brush Daily cleanser and new one, DAISO Brush and Sponge cleanser.
So today, i was using DAISO to clean my foundation brushes since i'm using REVLON Colorstay foundie so proper and meticulous wash is compulsory since this foundie is stubborn and leave residue of colour. I was using the same cleanser for my MAC 187 as well. After washing it with DAISO, i washed both brushes with mild baby shampoo to wash out the odd chemical smell. 
AND I was horrified when i noticed that my Sigma 187 is bleeding while i was  washing it. i noticed there was a bit of colour fading while washing it with DAISO brush cleaner although it helps to whiten the upper part of the brush. 


But, as i was leaving it to dry ..guess what..the colour is still bleeding and worsen!! my GOD, now..what can i do to revive it? is it still okay to be used?? any solutions to clear the bleeding part??
AND THE WEIRD/BETTER (??) PART..my MAC 187 didn't bleed at all..now, can u explain that?!! is it the brush quality or i'm using the wrong cleanser??

June 17, 2010

:: MAC TO THE BEACH Part 1 ::

I'm glad this collection is made because i am a beach-lover!!The casing and the sea creatures imprinted on the casing is hard to resist especially u are so into beaches,seashells and seahorse! so, when i knew this collection is going to be released on early June here in Malaysia, i immediately list down all the things that i want..

at first i thought i was gonna do a massive haul on this collection but then when it came to my senses, i thought it was a bit ..'meh'..hehe (plus, im outta budget because i just went for my vacation:P and did a lot of shopping there..*sigh*)so, i get my had on a few things that i won't regret purchasing...

so, i get:::
1. MAC Powder Blush  - Hipness (re-promoted from Fafi Collection)
2. MAC Highlight Powder - Marine Life (this is gorgeous!!)
3. MAC Lipstick  - Lazy Day (lustre- light blue pink shade)
4. MAC Tinted Lipglass - Splashing (this is super pigmented and give a nice shade wear alone and even better when pair up with Lazy Day l/s) 
5. and also MAC Fluidline Blacktrack (of course not from the collection but i want to try this one since my Wet n Wild creamliner is already dried up)
 :: starfish - Hipness::
give a nice pink flush..i love this!
:: seashell imprinted on the l/s   - Lazy day ::
:: Seahorse imprinted on the l/g  - Splashing ::

:: Highlight powder 'Marine Life' ::
which i thinks this one more suits too be a blush..emmm
doesn't have a heart to use it yet because i'm loving it so much and the cute seahorse make it so hard for me..grrrrr~

well then, wait for Part 2 for the swatches and a bit of reviews..a short review,crossed my fingers;)

till then,

June 16, 2010

:: Long hiatus ::

Ya, it's been a long hiatus~
i am totally busy with works ever since January and it seems like nonstop till now..plus, i'm moving to another phase of relationship~ :D I'm engaged:) so there's a ton of preparations need to be done..and now, getting busy with work again and of course, a wedding need to plan soon..

despite the long hiatus, i'm still a make up addict as it supposed to be..hehe i'm still hauling,finding new obsession..and yes, im addicted to lippies and blushes lately..excuses say, need to fine that perfect colour of natural pink flush..and i still haven't find one..yet;p been collecting blushes all these while and i must say i found a perfect peach colour...i think~ ;p

 MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach!! it's from The Spring Forecast collection.this is the prettiest peachy pink colour i ever saw..i regretted that i didn't restock it. Now i'm saving it and uses it for special occasion only (since this is LE, don't know when it is going to be re-promoted..*sigh*)

It has sorta three shades, use alone each shade gives a nice glowing peach and blend all together will give a perfect flush of peachy pink;)

i also get a few lippies from collection mainly from Coral  and eyeshadow quad no.4

From top to bottom, left to right:
Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty

the colour pigmentation of this quad is superb and i rarely use it because i want to save it for better occasion. still using it once in a while and use it when i feel like it;) but the Manila Paper is totally awesome for highlight!
All of the lippies are from the coral group - l/s: Color Me Coral (frost), Fresh Salmon (Lustre) and l/g in Ember Glow (nice shade of peach!! i heart this!)
:: swatches (L to R)-  Ember glow, Color me Coral and Fresh Salmon ::

and surely i'm looking forward for MAC TO THE BEACH Collection!!

thank you for reading,

till then,