About Me

♥ 26 years young and full of vibes ♥
♥ a happy wife with a loving, charming and caring husband - being in love is so great, and thank God for this amazing Man & blessed relationship ♥
♥ A proud Educator as profession but seriously addicted to make ups and beauty related products♥
♥ reading blogs especially the beauty bloggers who is/are gifted and talented in making every girl looks beautiful and show-cast their talents and make up skills♥
serious illness of collecting and hoarding make ups especially limited edition items - trying to control ever since discovered it♥
♥ blushes-whore and neutral color eye-shadows collector - one brown could never be the same with another brown,right??...
♥ In Love with MAC ~ who's NOT??♥
♥ Content and be grateful each day to God for another day to live and what He have to offer each day and embrace it with open heart and understand that, what He did is for sure, have a reason and I will try to understand the reasons...♥