July 1, 2010

:: ELF - E/s element and STUDIO Blush Swatches ::

For this haul, i got myself the element compact, the element e/s and ELF Studio new shade of blushes.
:: ELF Element Custom Compact, ELF Studio Blushes and ELF e/s & Face elements::
:: ELF element e/s from L - R: Moondust, Golden Glow, Mocha & Bronzed (face element) ::

the size of the element is so small, almost the same as 50cents coin.
:: Left to right - Moondust, Mocha, Golden Glow and Bronzed ::

Moondust- charcoal brown with slightly grey hue
Mocha - Frosty Brown, ppl said it's a dupe for Mac Satin Taupe e/s, i doesn't own one, so i dunno the colour comparison;)
Golden Glow - yellowish golden
Bronzed - Orangy brown, but it has slight shimmer . .not sure if it's suitable to contour or to bronze because i preferred matte since i have oily skin..

My 2cents: The colors are so-so pigmented unless if using UDPP as a base/primer ,as can be seen from the swatches above and it's slightly chalky so it needs proper blending. I would getting these again for few more colors and I still have one empty compact. I bought two compact initially because i have few make up pans which i thought would fit the compact but it can't. Gonna get few more elements, any recommendation??

::ELF Studio Blushes::
:: Gotta Glow, Fuchsia Fusion, Pink Passion::

:: Gotta Glow - sheer glow which for highlight and give a subtle sheen of glow for cheek or highest point on face::
::Fuchsia Fusion - berryish with a bit of pinkish and glitter. the color is very nice but the glitter could be a little turnoff and not suitable for day look.::
::Pink Passion - true pink.I LOVES this color..::

:: Finger swatches: Pink Passion, Fuchsia Fusion, Gotta Glow..ya,it's look a lil bit chalky::
:: Pink Passion (like i said earlier, it's Pretty!!), Fuchsia Fusion (noticed the glittery spec??) , Gotta Glow (a sheer glow)::

My 2cents:: It's an another additional shades for the ELF Studio Blushes. Somehow i think it's mimicking NARS blushes in some sort of way for e.g Pink Passion for Desire, Fuchsia Fusion for Angelika because of the glittery specs and Gotta Glow for Albatross. I'm not sure if it is an excellent dupe for those but ELF blushes are nice and affordable ($3 and and i got mine during sales spree for R15.50, normal price is around RM19 - 20+ )somehow, i thinks it's a bit chalky and i had to swipe few times to make the color stand out for the swatches. 
again, it's good to have especially if you are so into blushes like me and good additional to blushes family;)

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