September 14, 2010

:: Nail Polishes Haul - OPI & China Glaze ::

Nude/Mannequin-hand shade nail polishes and summer colour nail polishes have become one of my addiction lately~ I can't believe that I have been collecting a numbers of nail polishes this year and the collection is growing...which is scary for me~ Fiancee just shook his head..hehe

Yesterday, my order of OPI and China Glaze have arrived after 2 months of long waiting from MBS~ I am so happy that finally my OPIs are here and since OPI is no longer available via online sales thus ,at the time, it was my only chance to get my hand on few colours (plus it is way cheaper to purchase OPI via online). 
:: it's worth to wait for 15 nail polishes!!::

:: haha..don't be surprised that all my OPI colours are all almost the same..blame on the nude/mannequin shade fever!::

So, for this post i made an exclusive swatches for you..

OPI : 1
:: From L to R : Have a Tempura Tan-Trum, Miso Happy With This Color, Tickle My France-y, Dulce de Leche, Polar Bare::
:: Applied 2 coats: - thumb - : Have a Tempura Tan-Trum, Index - Miso Happy With This Color, Middle - Tickle My France-y, Ring - Dulce de Leche, Pinkie - Polar Bare ::
These shades are more to nude and mannequin hand shade. It's hard to define the color precisely as some of it look beige, pale brown, pale pink, peachy pink, grey-ish, i don't dare to justify or define the color firmly but can be seen from the swatches:

alert!:: color justification is based solely on MY OWN OPINION.. it might differs from yours opinion

Have a Tempura Tan-Trum - beige. It looks kinda pale on my nail and not really suits my skin color.
Miso Happy With This Color - beige-pinky. I loves this shade because it's really nice color. I would let you know why i heart this shade by the end of this post;)
Tickle My France-y - Greyish with slight brown-pink hue.I kind of hate this color initially because i saw some of the swatches, it looks really ugly. But then, once i applied it..i started to like it and it turns out not that bad.
Dulce de Leche - light brown with mauve. This shade kind of similar with Revlon 'Touch of Mauve' but this one appear slightly darker than it.
Polar Bare - Peach! yup, that's it! 

OPI 2:
:: From L to R : Coney Island Cotton Candy, Canberra't Without You, Malaysian Mist, Fair Drinkum Pinkum, It's a Girl ::
:: Applied 2 coats :- thumb - Canberra't Without You, Index - Coney Island Cotton Candy, Middle - Malaysian Mist, Ring - Fair Drinkum Pinkum, Pinkie - It's a Girl! ::
:: Up close view...*ignore the color that spread at cuticle::

This 5 shades are more to sheer finish and suitable as base for french manicure. 

Canberra't Without You - light beige with small silver glitter specs
Coney Island Cotton Candy - milky beige color, really sheer
Malaysian Mist - sheer soft peach ..* i bought this simply because it named after 'Malaysian'..hehe and turn out, the color is pretty good in peach! I loves this shade;) 
Fair Drinkum Pinkum - the name of this polish remind me fairy-thingy and it's so sweet. it's a light pink with a small glitter specs, like Canberra't Without You and remind me of fairy, ballerina and tutu skirt;)
It's a Girl - sweet baby pink and it's sheer, true to its name..this color would be great for french manicure base and it makes nail looks healthy. Among my favorite shades as well~

Overall, I am happy with all my OPI orders although all of it categorized in a same color chart (but who could blame nude/mannequi/sheer polishes that never go outdated)! Oh well, since some of the shades are difficult to find here in Malaysia, so I am not really regretting my purchase. Plus, OPI retail price here in Malaysia is too expensive..RM50-60++, OMG! But i got mine through online purchase for only RM 27! Half of the about a good bargain here!;)

:: From L to R : Agent Lavender, Light As Air, Something Sweet, For Audrey, Flip Flop Fantasy::
:: Applied 2 coats:- thumbs - Agent Lavender, Index - Light As Air, Middle - Something Sweet, Ring - For Audrey, Pinkie - Flip Flop Fantasy::
:: Up close view...*ignore the over-spread color to the cuticle::
 For China Glaze, I wanted to play with colorful shades and yes, i am liking purple/lilac color! Owh dear, what a wonderful world of colors!!;D

Agent Lavender - yes, pretty lavender color! it's kind of similar to Light as Air but a bit darker.
Light As Air - bluish lilac color;) it's hard to distinguish it from Agent Lavender, but this one lighter..let me show the pic..
[click on the page to enlarge]

Something Sweet - bubblegum soft the bottle it looks like a soft purple-pink shade, however it turns out so pink..i don't know if i can style this shade though, bubblegum pink not really loves me tho~ emm

For Audrey - i don't know how to define this shade, it's in between pastel green, turquoise, minty green..ya, it's somewhere there. This shade is so refreshing and the color is really pretty!

Flip Flop Fantasy -  this is neon pink and it's cool! and it's matte finish on nails. Haha.. well, gonna wear this shade when the time is right~~;DD

Last but not least,
here is OPI shade I am wearing now... I am so loving this nude color,
:: ya~...Miso Happy With This Color ;) ::

however, i start to get that 'meh~' feeling... it's kinda bored then (after 2nd day)

so, hopefully this post really helpful for those who loves nude/ mannequin-hand shades;)

till the next post,


sher ting said...

hi dear, where did u get all these lovely nail polishes from?mind to share with me?:)

♥ belle♥ said...

Hai Sher Ting,

Sure!I got those nail polishes from :)

sher ting said...

thank yew so much lovely, cant wait to get my hands on it! Have a beautiful weekend .Xxo

jeen said...

How opaque is miso happy?