December 13, 2010

:: ELF Studio Sunscreen Powder and ELF Mineral Blush ::

Earlier of this month , my ELF that i ordered just arrived. This time i purchased two products which are the sunscreen powder and the powder blush.
ELF Mineral Blush and ELF Studio SPF45 Sunscreen powder
:: What it says..::
:: Inside - translucent powder which i think would likely to suit any skin colour:: * i already used the product before i took the picture and reviewed it, thus explain why the puff is dirty..;D
Sunscreen is very important, to prevent skin from further pigmentation or getting dry ( much worse, getting darker or redness or even sunburn). My skin is very sensitive and easily get red when expose to sun which i think is normal if u have super fair skin and lack of melanin pigment. Not only that, it tends to get dark when i exposed to sun for a long time in a long period of time. I've been neglecting about my face when i was a teenager thus now i get the consequences, where my neckline and my face line have different shade and few freckles and pigmentation already shown on my face. 

however, thanks to my own self awareness where i notified sooner when i was in early 20's-mid 20's,that i realised those dark spots and discoloration on my skin n i began to take care of my face by using sunscreen. Yes people, sunscreen! but finding a good sunscreen at the time was difficult because most of it is mainly for body with a very high SPF and the texture are greasy and oily.

Now, there's a lot of product which manufactured for Asian market that mostly contained SPF or UVA/UVB protection thus it is more convenient and hassle-free to look for sunscreen for face. ELF have come out with their own product of sunscreen powder which would be suitable to be used as a finishing powder or loose powder. I use this as a finishing powder. So far, i am pleased with the product because of the high SPF which suitable for Malaysian hot and humid weather, and the staying power - at least it keep my face matte for at least 5 hours before the next touch-up.

:: ELF Mineral Powder Blush ::
:: Pink and Peachy ::
ELF Mineral line has come out with a new shades as another addition to their powder blush family. There are two new shades which are Pink and Peachy. As a blush- junkies, I was excited.The two colors are my favorite shades. 

However, it was a turn down for me.I am not very happy with the shades because it has shimmer to it - i don't find it is suitable for everyday use and i don't want to enhance or highlight my oily face with its shimmer. The peachy color is so dark and it's more to brown - orange colour rather than pinkish-orange color -where i think it would compliment those who have tanned skin or medium to dark skintone. Oh well~ in the end, i just put it at the end of the drawer - looking for a day where i will grab it and find it useful..*sigh*

so, till then..have a nice day and xoxo;D

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Catanya said...

I agree with you, they a re a litle bit too shimmery but the shades anre nonetheless really pretty, especially "Pink":
XOXO from a new follower,