December 6, 2010

:: Dec..i am slowly coming back~~::

Yeap people, i am slowly coming back. November was a wreck month, I can't find a time to blog and not to mentioned, i have a lot of collective hauls dying to be reviewed but i just can't. Everything was taking a toll in my life. year school programmes, arghhh..just about everything ( being an educator is not an easy job, owh please tell me..:/) I rather just read, relax and have my own time than blogging. that's how demotivated i was/am.

I am so sorry for such a long hiatus. I'm not sure if i have an avid reader (s) or anyone aware of what happened in my situation right now but yes, December 2010 is one of THE totally AMAZING month for me this year.. my birthday was a week ago, my Dad's birthday was on last Saturday, Christmas is just around the corner and yes, my wedding bells are ringing soon, like real soon..I am kinda looking forward for this month in the calendar.

I am busy with all of this wedding preparation and doing a lot of things in last minute is really kicking my gear and my kinetic phase to fast-forward phase. Yes, I am anxious, nervous and of course, anticipate for it. And I can't wait for it to come and it's over..

Enough about  lil, since Christmas is just around the corner. Have u made your wishlist yet? Awh yes, i've been thinking and yes, i can't wait to put my monthly salary buying make up again, this wedding thingy for sure eat a lot of my salary and i've been 'fasting' or 'in rehab' from buying anything eversince;(

Let me show a peek of my wish list this xmas...

 #1. I've been thinking of UD Naked Palette lately. At first i was able to hold my temptation since it's just those normal brown or neutral shades. Awhhh i have it and sure can find dupes. I found out about this palette since it was first launced, i think it was somewhere around August huh?? not sure.. but then, i saw a lot of beauty bloggers lemming about this palette and whenever i saw they used the palette somehow it looks nice and i was tempted. I just could not hold my temptation any longer when it shows SOLD OUT and LIMITED EDITION..damnnn~ i just knew i gotta have this palette. So, let just say i found one seller selling this palette and she still one more crossed fingers she will give a good new soon..

#2 Sleek Sparkle i-Divine Palette - Based on my experience with Sleek palette previously, i have no doubt that this palette also would be one of the best palette from only problem would be with this palette is the red color eyeshadow. I just don't know if i can pull a look with that color - or use it as a blush?hehe gliterry blush, emm on second thoughts, nevermind then...

#3 A getaway - I need a break to a very isolated place where i can do whatever i want and just relax, takes off my mind and just enjoy nature gifts. looking forward for the honeymoon..

#4 Good Books : Gregory Maguire's novel - Although i loves make up to the core however i still enjoy reading and good books ( thanks to my degree programme before, it just cultivate my passion for books and reading). Macguire's has been my 'looking-forward' author eversince i got hooked with his books ' Son of A Witch' which u can called a sequel to "The Wizard of Oz' -to what happened to the bad witch after that. For me, his novel is sort of interpretation of Shreck animation in a novel form where happy ending does not necessarily happily ever after and yada yada yada..
Wicked - the first volume
Confession of an Ugly Stepsister  - yes, from Cinderella's
and also, i am hooked with this kid lately..

The Wimpy kid - Greg Heffleys by Jeff Kinney
i already read Part 1 and i am thinking of getting this soon...

- minus 'Rodrick Rules which is #2
and of course the latest one...

oh well, so those are part of my wish list crave. At least not all of it is entirely makeup ( i know i am pleasing someone here)..

have u think of yours already?? i am SURE u have..:D

so till the next post,

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