August 19, 2010

:: STAGE Lippies (heavy pics!).::

STAGE Lipstick - There are few lines of lippies finish and I bought 2 of it which are Wonderluxe and Wonderlust lipstick and for this haul also, i got freebies which are the lip gloss and the lip liner.
SO, let the pictures and swatches do the justice..may i?;)

 For this, I bought three lippies and they gave me one free..I had a hard time choosing the shade because some of the shades look similar or dull or boring or 'meh'. For me, i find the selection of color is limited. But it depends on some people, i prefer those that are pinky-peach, nude and MLBB;)

So, here are those...

:: Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus, Apricot Angel ::

:: Naughty Nude &Blushing Beau ::
:: Lush Lotus & Apricot Angel ::
Above (L-R) : Naught Nude, Blushing Beau, Lush Lotus
Below: Apricot Angel

Clockwise order starting from first picture on the left:
Naughty Nude, Blushing Beau, Apricot Angel & Lush Lotus

Here's my 2cents:
actually, i don't like the finishing of the's sort of matte but not matte and's like a MAC lustre finish. It left a residue at the end of the day so i'm not really liking it. 

Naughty Nude is a bit sheer and not that 'nude'
Blushing beau - sometimes i like the shade, sometimes i don't like it because it makes my lip looks so pale 
Lush Lotus - beautiful pink, definitely suitable for work..i pair this with l/g to cover the drying finish
Apricot Angel - i thought this was a peach color, but then it's a bit of orange and pink.

Retail price : RM48...i got mine during sales for  RM24, Buy 3 Free 1;)


:: Normal Lighting :::
:: with Flash ::
:: Swatch on lip ::
This is LOVE! It's a very pretty color and it's cream finish which provides moisture and soften my lips. I love this~ think gonna restock this before it's back to normal price again;)

Only Wonderlust lippies are given name such as Diana, Jeniffer, Sandre, Helen etc.

I prefer getting this compare to Wonderluxe because of the creamy texture and its moisturizing effect.

Retail Price: RM48...I got this during sales for RM27.50 ( a bit pricier than Wonderluxe )

:: Freebies -  LIPGLOSS & LIP LINER ::
:: Nearly Naked ::
:: Lipgloss - GAIA::


Top - Nearly Naked (lip liner)
Bottom -  Gaia (Lip Gloss)

:: GAIA l/g ::

The lip liner and the lip gloss are amazing! When the MUA asked me to choose the shade that i want, i immediately choose these two shades because it's look lovely~ 

I need nude lip liner since i don't have that actually look 'Nude' and i find that using lip liner can define lip better and create natural pout.

As for the lip gloss, initially i was interested with another shade but then again, i own few nudes l/g already so i decided to get Gaia since the colour looks natural pink and close to lip colour but better~ 
Awh yes, this is shade is AMAZING!! I love this l/'s doesn't have that sticky and yucky taste which is another thumbs up;) I like the l/g!

ANd luckily i got both for FREE~!!

Sorry, I don't remember the actual price for both products;/

So, before i end the post's a lip color combining three lip products from STAGE that i like:
Lip Liner - Nearly Naked
L/s -  Audrey (Wonderlust)
L/g - Gaia

I love how it turned out~ super duper nice shade!!;)

till the next 'STAGE' post,

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