September 5, 2010

:: Stage - Opening Act Complexion Enhancer 'Natural Beauty'::

Okay, so here's a final loot..

Opening Act Complexion Enhancer is a primer for face, which was given a good reviews by Skindeco here and there are two types which one is for highlighting and another one is a natural set.Thus, during the sale i get myself 'Natural Beauty'. i need a natural primer and not something which can enhance the oiliness of my face by highlighting unnecessary features.

:: IT SAYS...::
:: TUBE FORM - which is very hygienic and control fluid dispensation::
:: see the difference between left & right..::
so here is my 2cents:

although i try to love this primer but it still can't compare to MAC Bain Visage. Nearly 2 hours, i can feel my face become greasy and discreet oil. I try to love it  but i still can't. However, i still use this some other time especially when i feel my skin is dry as this can give a dewy finish. Thus, i think this might not look good for those who have oily face especially on T-Zone ..but recommended for those who have dry skin, it really gives that dewy finish which make skin look 'healthy'.

will i get it again??;)
worth to buy? since it was on 50% off, ya but i would not purchase it again after this simply because it is not suitable for my skin type.
price? sorry, i don't remember and i've lost the receipt. But probably around RM60+..

till the next post,

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