December 31, 2010

:: Another wish...::

So, this year come to its end and soon, we are welcoming another great year, 2011. 2010 passed by really quick and a lot of amazing things happened in this year. I'm just thrilled to be given another blessed year to expect more exciting adventures, hopes and opportunity to meet expectations and undergo another interesting way of life. excited to see what 2011 will offer me this time around.

i know this is not meant to be a personal blog but for me this blog was an interesting invention despite lack of update. I must say, i am guilty for not doing so but as a human,my weaknesses are not able to keep up with times and let my work taking a toll over my life. Moreover, i am just starting embarking another amazing journey as a newly wed, married and career woman. 2011 surely will be a challenging  year for me, but i'll try to adapt and cope..we'll see.

Nevertheless, my love and passion for makeups, beauty stuff and recently - handbags, accessories and perfumes shall not die or fade;p I know my boyfriend-now-husband whined a lot about my spending and passion but what i should be proud of him is that he learned and knew about cosmetics brand which i loves n not (at least he knew when i talked about MAC, it is not the MAC Apple software;P). i should give him a round of applause for that..for straight guy, if u know what is MAC, Urban Decay, ELF, NYX etc..then u'll sure be a girl best friend!hehe kidding~ bt u girls get my point right?! hehe nevermind~

For dear reader or blog-walkers, i know i've been lack of updating this year or which i like to call it seasonal blogging..i am very sorry and would like to apologize. I have a lot of things and cosmetics which are yet to be blogged about but this year have been really 'adventurous' for me. I'll try to make it up next year. There's a lot of things that i wish to share and review about. like seriously~

before i end this 'end-year' post, i would like to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR and MAY GOD BLESSED US ANOTHER YEAR AHEAD. May all of your wish and resolutions fulfilled this year!
Much loves from me~

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