August 1, 2011

:: MAC Surf Baby ::

MAC Surf Baby collection was released a month ago and I love the packaging so much. Since it was LE, I managed to get few items from the collection.
:: MAC Surf Baby - my haul + pigment samples ::
:: Love the packaging!::
I got myself l/s - Naturally Eccentric, Strange Potion l/g, Sun Blonde e/s and My Paradise cheek blush. The MUA was so nice and gave me sample of stacked pigments. (I don't know the color because it was not indicated)

I know this collection was so overdue and there are already gazillion swatches and reviews made on the Internet, now let's add another short one;)

:: Swatches and Short Reviews::

'My Paradise' Cheek Powder
:: * IDK this is upside down and it cannot be rotate...erggghh*
:: Swatches of the color, 'hibiscus' and mixed together::
:: Swatches with brush::
This is a really beautiful and the blush design and pattern is unique. However, i think the gold shimmer actually not that really intriguing to me because like i said, I'm not a fan of shimmer blusher for daily use. Thus, I tend to swirl my brush on the coral side and a slight swipe on the gold side and tap it off before applying in on my cheek. The color is more to coral-orangey and just perfect for summer;)

'Sun Blonde' eyeshadow

:: Finger swatch::
:: Swatches -  with UDPP, nothing. MAC Painterly::
I'm not really a fan of yellow eyeshadow besides Gorgeous Gold that i owned. I read a lot of reviews that this yellow is a bit interesting and differ than any yellow/gold eyeshadow. Besides, I can pair it together with brown and green eyeshadow.

' Naturally Eccentric' & 'Strange Potion' lippies
:: Strange Potion l/g::
:: Naturally Eccentric l/s::
:: Naturally Eccentric & Strange Potion together ::
Again ,another nude lipstick and Naturally Eccentric is really pale on me to be used alone on lip. Hence, since I missed 'Strange Potion' l/p from Venomous Villain collection previously, I was glad that MAC re-promote this l/g again for this collection and finally I can get my hand on this one;)

This 2 lippies are really great when paired together because Naturally Eccentric enhances Strange Potion color on my lip.

Overall, this collection is another great packaging and wonderful colors by MAC.

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