August 9, 2011

:: MAC Semi Precious Pt.. 2 - Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush ::

Warmth of  Coral definitely reminds me of MAC Peaches powder blush,the color and the pigmentation. Adding another peach color blush won't make a harm anyway, and I'm happy to get this one!:) So here's the swatches and bit review about it.
:: MAC 'Warmth of Coral' mineralize blush::
:: Front::
:: Back::
:: Colour ::
:: Finger swatch::
::L-R > Finger swiped, blended with brush lightly and blended with brush heavily::

What I like about this blush is that it has no shimmer which is a YAy for me, unlike regular mineralize blushes where there is slight shimmer with it.The texture can be quite powdery, hence, tap the brushes slightly before applying it. The color are buildable and pigmentation is good. Thumbs up!!;)

Next, Pt.3 - - the lippies!!

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