August 4, 2011

:: MAC Semi Precious Mini Haul Pt. 1 ::

Just a tiny haul from MAC latest collection, ' MAC Semi Precious' - so I got few items as well after watching and reading few reviews and swatches, finally I decided to get these:
 Owh ya, at that same time I also received a package which is my order from Sephora and NYX.So, that's why both items were in the pictures. I am getting back up for my favorite blush from NYX which is Natural. You can check the post about it here. I have always wanting UDPP in Eden for a longest time already because UDPP original has done miracle, so it's time to try its 'sibling' - which I am going to do short review about it soon.

For this post, I'm going to divide it into three - e/s, blush and here's the first one:)

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow
:: Smoked Ruby & Golden Gaze::

:: Smoked Ruby (SR) -  exceptionally pretty reddish burgundy black;p::

:: Golden Gaze (GG) - very pretty earth golden color::
:: Finger swatch::
:: Wet GG, Dry GG, Dry SR and Wet SR::
:: UDPP GG, Wet GG, Dry GG, Dry SR, Wet SR, UDPP SR::
Overall, I'm happy to get my hand on this two products/colors. First, because Smoked Ruby is a very pretty color and it's totally new color in my e/s range. and I'm attracted to the 'Smoked' word - Smokey eyes, anyone??? and Golden Gaze is a must-have neutral earthy tone for me.

I hope the pictures would justify enough for this post;) Part 2 coming right up soon...

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