July 12, 2010


Another collection from MAC, too bad I am trying my best to hold my temptation not to get anything from the collection. However, I am interested in getting the MSFN - 'By Candlelight' (since i missed that out from the Warm and Cozy Collection) and Petticoat. My friend called me yesterday and informed that the collection is launced on the day. But of course, how can i go to MAC when my state is far from the counter, in other word, there is NO Mac counter here yo! Really really BAD!!

So last nite, i read all beauty bloggers reviews on the new collection and most of them lemming on Stereo Rose, and somehow i find 'Petticoa't swatch is similar to MAC Mineralize Blush 'Handfinish' (LE) and i'm scared it would be glittery because the reviews said it depends on the veins you are getting.so, i don't want to take any risk.so, i switched my temptation to Stereo Rose because the swatches are so beautiful - coral pink and I love Coral color;) Plus, it almost sold out everywhere even on the MAC website...grrrrrrr~~

Thank God my fiancee work at West and i asked him (nicely;)) to get me those and he GET it, despite i knew it would be the humiliation of century for him entering the MAC counter, i knew it is difficult for him but he just DID! aaaawwwwww~~Normally, when i go to MAC..he would stand outside or go elsewhere;p

So, he sent MMS of the two MSFN..well, i have to wait for him to return which most probably next month;( so he sent the pic to excite me a bit..

 :: By Candlelight and Stereo Rose::
:: By Candlelight::                                                              :: Stereo Rose::

according to him, which told by the MAC lady, Stereo Rose almost sold out..luckily he managed to grab it before it sold out!
Can't wait for these babies to be in my hand and the person who will bring it;)

till then,

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