July 21, 2010

:: HUNT - BB cream??::

I'm looking for a REALLY good BB cream which i can wear daily because i think wearing foundation everyday is not good for the skin and it's kind of heavy. and i noticed my face is 'suppressed' already using foundation almost everyday, night and day..I already owned TFS BB cream but it's suck~ the coverage is too sheer and my face get oily after 4 hours. i use it occasionally since it is my only BB cream and i need something better than this. Now, i'm on the hunt to find a good BB cream..

I need a help to find the 'Perfect' BB cream which fits to these criteria:
- Medium to full coverage
- feel light and not heavy/cakey on face
- not oily/ control oil or better, matte formula
-no shimmer or luminous effect because i have oily skin
-natural ingredients
- suit for acne prone skin
- whitening and anti-aging/reduce wrinkles
-good spf
-of course, the shade is still closer to skintone color before and even after oxidise

i'm thinking of getting either Skinfood or Missha..
Or is there any better BB creams?

i really love/appreciate it if u can drop a comment and share your thoughts;)..

till then,

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