July 4, 2010

:: Drugstore Haul ::

Just a mini haul, Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup, Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad and Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo.
 :: Amethyst Smokes and Natural Smokes::
  I found out about this special edition quad from here and here. I heard few reviews saying that this quad is amazing and good. I was tempted and immediately try out. FYI, this quad is not available here in Malaysia. I though i want to wait till it releases here but it's been way too long already (mind u, i was agitated)..thus, i decided to get it from drugstore.com. There are four types of quad for this edition which are Natural Smokes, Charcoal Smokes, Amethyst Smokes and Emerald Smokes and the latest, two new quads which are Sapphire Smokes and Plum Smokes ( which still not available at drugstore.com)

I like this quad because it sounds smokey and it's tempting! the colors offered are good and beautiful. however, it is not that pigmented and it fades easily especially if u have an oily eyelid like mine, so good base or primer is a way to enhance the color and make it lasts a bit longer. Also, the textures can be chalky especially the brow bone (the white one) but some of the reviews said that not all quad is chalky, its depending on the quad you are getting. Unfortunately,for both quad the white one is the one that chalky..what a coincidence~ The rest are fine;)
Regarding the price wise, i got both during BOGO and it's quite cheap, 2 for RM46.61 and price for one quad is RM28.74..quite a bargain huh~~?? hehe

::Amethyst Smokey:: 
    ::nice purplish smokey::
::Natural Smokey:

 i love this shades~ suitable for day look
:: sorry~ the flash light is too bright...still sucks at taking pics;/::
::Amethyst Smokey quad..can u see the difference with and without UDPP??::
 Overall, will i get it again?? Yeessss!!

It's a creme to powder formula. I have not try this one yet but i can't wait to. I remember there was one review lemming on this because it acts as a concealer, foundation and powder..it's medium-heavy coverage but yet feel lightweight on face. Emmm..can't say much yet since i have not try this one out. i'll be reviewing about this again soon and see how it is.
:: come together with a sponge under the compact (the flash is too bright, sorry for that again. it's a white sponge::

This is once was my HG for deep cleansing shampoo which i used once a week, after swimming at a pool or heavy hairdo. This shampoo never failed me and I always have this product with me. But after it was 'discontinued' (since i cannot found it anymore;( ) here in our local favorite drugstore, Watson and Guardian...i turned to Redken Deep Cleasing shampoo (which is also my HG!). 

Why it is my HG?? After using It, my hair feels light and not greasy, less oily. And it makes my daily shampoo and hair products work better! It smells nice and clean..I still remember my friend complimented my hair,like i say, it makes my daily shampoo and hair products work better. I normally used this once a week and follow by hair mask to allow the hair gets all the nourishment it needed. It just like scrubbing your face to clean the residue and mask to make sure the nutrients are absorbed well. Well, this is my secret!

Since I ran out of  Redken Deep Cleasing shampoo, I've bought a few deep cleansing shampoo but not as good as Neutrogena or Redken. I can only purchase Redken from local online stores or go to KL (mind u, i'm from Borneo..hardly to get Redken products here;/) So, where did i find it? at drugstore.com.i have to purchase it online and i'd glad i manage to found it again and i was surprised that it's bigger than i have bought before..perhaps the volume? but nevermind..I'm happy i found this again;)) it just like a long lost found love~
::click on the picture to enlarge::

thank u for reading such a long dreading post..hehe

so till then,

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