July 20, 2010

:: Finally..MAC In The Groove is here!!::

Ok, the title definitely explain it all..my fiancee come back for a short trip due to work duty and he bring along the goodies i've been craving for..i really can't wait for another month! so, cut the crap and here it is..

Top:: MAC MSF 'Stereo Rose' and 'By Candlelight'
Below:: MAC MSFN in Medium  and Powder Blush 'Melba'

I'm am so happy that i can get Stereo Rose and it is mine, the color is very pretty and i love it on cheeks..and By Candlelight is so nice as a highlighter although there is a slight pink hue. However,the shimmer can be so intimidating sometimes, so i prefer to use both lightly using duo fibre brush/skunk brush.

but honestly, Stereo Rose is one worth buying from the collection. and seeing it on make my hand is just surreal~

 MSF in Medium is as a restock and powder blush 'Melba' - i was torn apart between Peaches and Melba. It's quite hard purchasing something that u can't test the color first. I want to try Melba since it is matte and warm peaches color.

 :: Swatches ::
*sorry..it supposed to be MSF, not MSFN..
:: finger swatch::
Stereo Rose (left) and By Candlelight (right)
so, gotta end the post here..the picture will do the justice..

till next time,

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