August 16, 2010

:: STAGE Haul~ (Eyeshadow n blushes bit of the reviews)!!::

STAGE...the new make up line by  Alliance Cosmetic Group. Here's a bit info about Alliance Company:
"The Alliance Cosmetic Group is a leading distributor of cosmetics and personal care products with regional interests in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and the Asean region.

Brand portfolio under the Alliance umbrella includes Revlon cosmetics, Revlon haircolor, René Furterer Hair Institute, Avené skincare, Elancyl bodycare, Silkygirl cosmetics, Silkygirl fragrances, Silky for Men fragrances, Silky Lips, Silky White, Silky Care, and more.

The Alliance Cosmetic Group launched homegrown brand Silkygirl in June 2005, adding new excitement to the landscape of color cosmetics in the mass retail market. Silkygirl offers a complete range of high quality, value for money color cosmetics targeting the young mass market. Silkygirl is now marketed at over 1,500 cosmetics counters in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

Following the success of Silkygirl and Revlon, the Alliance Cosmetic Group enters the world of premium professional color cosmetics with homegrown brand STAGE, a service oriented retail concept, catering to the discerning market with upscale superior products. With an in-depth understanding of the color cosmetics industry and extensive insight into the minds of Malaysian women, Alliance Cosmetic Group and STAGE promise to awe and enthrall the retail scene in Malaysia & beyond."
 - source from Google

I still remember when Stage was opened here in Miri. I was a bit skeptical as looking at the shop which such a professional environment and i have to say that the shop looks like MAC outlet because of the black and white colour and bold font. Thus,I was a bit hesitate to enter the shop until recently...

At first, I thought I just want to look around and have take a look at the products and the prices. Well, I must say I am actually dumb-founded  because it has amazing products to term of price wise, it affordable if need to compare to MAC (however, MAC still worth to get and #1 for me;) ) And what makes me craving for the products at the time, well.. all of the items are on sale up to 50% until Raya..OMG!! now, who could resists that?!! It was calling out my name...loudly! The blushes are really, i wandered around the shop and preparing my list for the second visit..hehe

It does not take long for my second visit. I could not stop thinking about the blushes whole night. Thus, on the next day (or is it the another day??emmm...) I went there and here's the damage...
::STAGE  - the damages~::
This is what i get :
- 4 eyeshadows
- 5 lipsticks
- 2 blushes
- 3 nail polishes
- 1 lipliner
- 1lipgloss
- 1 make up base
- 1 nail polish remover

and all of these just costs me RM299..well, after discounts. Before discounts, all of it costs RM700++. So, worth it right?!!enough damage already..

For this post, I am going to share the eyeshadow and blushes..
:: From L to R - Wildflower, Macchiato, Irish Cream, Andalucia ::

::Closer Look::
:: Irish Cream ::
:: Andalucia ::
:: Macchiato ::
:: Wildflower ::
 ::From Lto R  - Macchiato, Andalucia, Irish Cream, Wildflower::

I swatches using two eye primers which are UDPP and ELF eye primer. As can be seen from the picture, the colour does not stand out if it is wear on its own. Definitely need to use base to make the color pop. The color was not that pigmented and it does not stay long as it is a bit powdery. But it depends on which colour and the texture, for example, i swatched "Buttercream' at the shop and it was very disappointing because it is very powdery. This four shades are actually among the good one and really pop when i swatched at the shop. 

Andalucia - Bronze brown, very pretty and really pop! I like this color
Macchiato  -dark brown , nice for that neutral smokey brown
Irish cream - sheer golden brown, give that awakening look ..i like this one, very pretty for everyday wear;)
Wildflower - bluish-purple..i love this shade, very pretty...

Will i get more of the e/s?Yup, there's a few beautiful neutral tones if they still offer a discount ;)
Retail price :RM45..i got mine after discount: RM22.50, buy 3 free 1 ;)

STAGE Blushes
:: Pink Ginger & Freesia ::
:: Finger swatch - Pink Ginger ::
:: Finger swatch  - Freesia ::  

::  Swatches  - Freesia n Pink Ginger ::
::Another swatches!::
The powder blush has 10 colors to offer. Actually all the colors look amazing individually. Pigmentation wise is so-so, but it's buildable and not that powdery. But not good as MAC tho~ n compare to this, I prefer NYX better..just my thoughts~

Freesia - peachy pink tone
Pink Ginger  - mute pink

But anyway,it's a good-to-have considering i get it during sales, so i am not complaining much;)
Retail at RM58 (actual price) and i got mine for RM29!! I Love it!!

so, i'll continue with my further items soon..

till then,

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