June 16, 2010

:: Long hiatus ::

Ya, it's been a long hiatus~
i am totally busy with works ever since January and it seems like nonstop till now..plus, i'm moving to another phase of relationship~ :D I'm engaged:) so there's a ton of preparations need to be done..and now, getting busy with work again and of course, a wedding need to plan soon..

despite the long hiatus, i'm still a make up addict as it supposed to be..hehe i'm still hauling,finding new obsession..and yes, im addicted to lippies and blushes lately..excuses say, need to fine that perfect colour of natural pink flush..and i still haven't find one..yet;p been collecting blushes all these while and i must say i found a perfect peach colour...i think~ ;p

 MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach!! it's from The Spring Forecast collection.this is the prettiest peachy pink colour i ever saw..i regretted that i didn't restock it. Now i'm saving it and uses it for special occasion only (since this is LE, don't know when it is going to be re-promoted..*sigh*)

It has sorta three shades, use alone each shade gives a nice glowing peach and blend all together will give a perfect flush of peachy pink;)

i also get a few lippies from collection mainly from Coral  and eyeshadow quad no.4

From top to bottom, left to right:
Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty

the colour pigmentation of this quad is superb and i rarely use it because i want to save it for better occasion. still using it once in a while and use it when i feel like it;) but the Manila Paper is totally awesome for highlight!
All of the lippies are from the coral group - l/s: Color Me Coral (frost), Fresh Salmon (Lustre) and l/g in Ember Glow (nice shade of peach!! i heart this!)
:: swatches (L to R)-  Ember glow, Color me Coral and Fresh Salmon ::

and surely i'm looking forward for MAC TO THE BEACH Collection!!

thank you for reading,

till then,

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