June 22, 2010

:: Help!! My brush is bleeding.....::

As part of hygienic routine, i will wash my make up brushes once a week with mild baby shampoo/MAC brush cleanser/ELF brush Daily cleanser and new one, DAISO Brush and Sponge cleanser.
So today, i was using DAISO to clean my foundation brushes since i'm using REVLON Colorstay foundie so proper and meticulous wash is compulsory since this foundie is stubborn and leave residue of colour. I was using the same cleanser for my MAC 187 as well. After washing it with DAISO, i washed both brushes with mild baby shampoo to wash out the odd chemical smell. 
AND I was horrified when i noticed that my Sigma 187 is bleeding while i was  washing it. i noticed there was a bit of colour fading while washing it with DAISO brush cleaner although it helps to whiten the upper part of the brush. 


But, as i was leaving it to dry ..guess what..the colour is still bleeding and worsen!! my GOD, now..what can i do to revive it? is it still okay to be used?? any solutions to clear the bleeding part??
AND THE WEIRD/BETTER (??) PART..my MAC 187 didn't bleed at all..now, can u explain that?!! is it the brush quality or i'm using the wrong cleanser??


she walks iin beauty said...

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♥mEen♥ said...

hai ariana, thanks for following! glad that u love it;D