January 5, 2010

:: I hope it's not too late...::


I wish 2010 will be merrier and bring more prosperity to us all and yes..i'm looking forward for this year because i know it will be a good year for me..and i'm so excited but i won't tell for now but for sure, i'll post it here somewhere later;)

 N i can't wait~!!!;D

since the new year is begun, i'll be less updating the blogpost since my job is taking a huge toll in my life and i have a lot of things to do and plans ahead. I'll try my best to update my blog once in a while  if there's a new things coming up that i want to share.

so, before i end my post..once again, thanks for reading and visiting my blog for the past 2009, i know there's not much posts but hey..it's just me and this is a way for me to contribute and share about beauty products and make up line out there and i'm glad to be a mini-part of it..

till then,

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