January 13, 2012

this post is actually a bit left behind than it supposed to. I can't give any reason for that since I am totally neglecting this blog for a while. But I do know that I must post up something in January 2012, to give it a new breathe of air:)

Fret not, I am back;- crawling slowly. How I wish I just have that inspiration and determination to be an avid blogger. I think all this while I was being so ambitious everytime I want to write a blogpost but then it ends up to nothing and I am so lazy...*tet!!* I must say that writing reviews and do swatches on products really consume times and a lot of works. I really need a superpower to juggle this passion with work and life.

I do think of to delete or deactivate blogging -period, BUT I just love this blog that i just couldn't do it. I knew one day I will miss it - so better be, just let it alone.

However, thanks to the blog -  I just couldn't stop loving anything about makeups and beauty products. I have updated my wishlist for this year. Hence, I do really looking forward this 2012 and I crossed fingers of my 'slowly-crawling-back' to my blog.

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