April 16, 2011

:: Sephora's: Illamasqua's Katie and Nars Sex Appeal ::

:: Top: UDPP Professional Size::

:: Bottom : Illamasqua Katie & Nars Sex Appeal::

My not-so recent order from Sephora. hehe..I have to get the UDPP Professional Size because it's HUGE and in TUBE!! could last for a long period and definitely hygenic and convenient to use;)

Got blushes also and both are wonderful blushes. I've been wanting Illamasqua's Katie long time ago but it was kind of expensive until Sephora was offering xmas sale at the time so i immediately get my hand on this. Nars's Sex Appeal is a new shade from Nars so there was not much swatches but the website said it is soft peach - i am a sucker to peaches blushes, so i get this one as well.

:: Sex Appeal and Katie ::
::Mini Reviews::

Illamasqua Katie - light milky pink(As described by the website)
:: Illamasqua Katie ::
This blush is very pigmented. Just a swipe and blend it would give a nice flush of pink cheeks which look pretty natural and fresh look. more feminine and cute, i would say~ however, it's kind of chalky but it doesn't bother me much tho. But seriously, do not pact this blush too much on cheek, otherwise u may look like a clown.:)

:: Nars Sex Appeal::
Nars Sex Appeal -  soft peach (As described by the website)
 This blush is kinda of frustrating, it is so sheer which i have to build on layer of colors to make it stand out or seen. Perhaps the shade doesn't work on my fair skin well. BUT...since this blush costs me a fortune so it such a waste not to use it, hence, i normally blend it together with MAC blushes - Peaches, Style, Hipness or Instant Cheek;) Just to give a nice sheen of peach touch to tone down or accentuate the peaches of the blush which actually give a nice ombre of peaches.

:: Swatches ::
:: Swatch 1 - Sex Appeal & Katie ::
:: Swatch 2 - Sex Appeal & Katie ::
So, i posted 2 pictures of swatches to show how the color looks like. I recommend Katie if u like light pink flush of cheek and Sex Appeal if u have a tan or medium skin tones, or prefer a very light and soft peach on cheek.

p/s:: Coming post is about my latest haul- MAC Wonder Woman and Quite Cute Collection! :)

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