July 11, 2009

::Part of the History::

actually, i've been blogging before but never publicly displayed coz' its just some personal ranting and 'blahblahblah' that i wish to remain disclosed.
and i admit that i am a blog-dropout because i have two blogs: one has been deleted and one remain private at wordpress. the previous blogspot was about my campus life and wordpress more to beauty blog.
my personal interests are mainly about beauty and cosmetics, health, wealth and anything about being a girl/lady/woman. i'll try to remain disclosed about personal life as this might affecting those around me and their consent.
i'll also try my best to keep my post short and sweet because i hate tedious work of typing and correcting grammar/spelling. spontaneous and meaningful post/message will achieve better understanding.and i'm crossing my fingers on that since my literature background tends to make me write long and lenghty stuffs;p
till then,

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